Pediatric Speech Therapy
In Office • At Home • At Daycare
Offering children a new beginning and a brighter future.

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Pediatric Speech Therapy
In Office • At Home • At Daycare
Offering children a new beginning and a brighter future.

Far Eastside Office
3551 Rich Beem Ste B
(915) 303-5177
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Eastside Office
1512 N Zaragoza Ste C-1
(915) 855-0601
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Individualized bilingual speech therapy, in home or office…

New Beginnings is the best choice for your child’s Speech and Language Therapy. Here is why…

Every Child is Different!

  • We use comprehensive tests to accurately diagnose your child’s speech condition and carefully create an individualized treatment plan with goals specifically designed for your child.
  • From our initial evaluation to our last visit, we dedicate ourselves to kindly and gently walking you and your child along the path to overcoming their speech impairment. We offer your child a chance for a new beginning.

Family intervention, the best approach…

  • We believe that the best hope for your child to overcome their speech difficulties begins by involving the family.
  • We invite parents into therapy sessions to watch how your child’s therapist works toward achieving therapy goals.
  • After each session, we discuss your child’s progress and answer questions about how to continue working on your child’s goals at home.


El Paso’s finest Therapists!

  • Our Therapists undergo a very strict selection and evaluation process and are required to continue their education each year.
  • Our Therapists have over 125 years of combined experience in pediatric speech therapy in a variety of therapeutic settings.
  • We are passionate about making a difference in our community and we are ready to work with you and your child!

From our family of Therapists to yours!

New Beginnings is a locally owned and operated group of Licensed, Certified Pediatric Speech Pathologists in private practice located in El Paso, Texas. We pride ourselves on being the most dedicated, caring, and helpful family of Therapists your child will ever work with. Call us for a FREE consultation and see how we can help your child.
We offer your child a new beginning for a brighter future.

asha-logoWe are a proud member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and hold various professional certifications. For more information…
contact our eastside office at (915) 855-0601 or our far eastside office at (915) 303-5177.

Our Expertise


Our Therapists are among El Paso's finest and have over 125 years of combined experience in pediatric speech therapy in a variety of therapeutic settings. We have worked with children with an array of needs, such as:


Autism Spectrum


Language Disorder


Augmentative Communication


Voice Disorder


Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder


Cerebral Palsy


Articulation Disorder


Assistive Technology




Learning Disability


Intellectual Disability


Down’s Syndrome




Hearing/Visual Impairment


Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

Eastside Office: (915) 855-0601 | Far Eastside Office: (915) 303-5177

We love changing the lives of our patients!

Our Therapists are highly trained and dedicated to helping your child overcome the barriers in their speech. We offer your child a new beginning…

Our mission is to provide your child with the individual attention and the care needed to build a new foundation of speech that will support your child for the rest of their lives. We are passionate about impacting your child and our community. Because of the level of care and attention we provide, many local pediatricians send their patients to us.

Ask your doctor to refer your child to New Beginnings!


Individualized Therapy Strategies That Win

With over 125 years of combined experience, our therapists know how to get results!

What separates New Beginnings from other therapy providers? Incredible passion and commitment to helping your child overcome their speech impediment combined with a carefully selected team of experienced and dedicated Speech Therapists.

Our practice is founded on the principle that all children are unique and therefore the pediatric speech therapy services we provide to your child are individualized. Your child’s plan of care is tailored to meet your child’s specific needs, and since our intervention is family-centered, you will be allowed into therapy sessions and you will have knowledge of your child’s progress at all times.

You, your physician, and your family will be a part of the entire treatment process from start to finish. This offers your child the best chance for success.

We are committed to making your child another one of our many Success Stories. Our Speech Therapy team has been carefully selected to provide our patients with the best possible care. We are ready to make a difference in the life of your child.

boy with autism

Why New Beginnings is a leading Speech Therapy Provider in El Paso



Offering El Paso’s Children New Hope


Passionate About Helping Your Child


El Paso’s Pediatricians Trust New Beginnings to Improve the Speech of Their Patients.


We are ready to help your child and offer extended hours to meet your busy schedule.


We have changed the lives of over 1590 of El Paso’s children. Their futures are so much brighter now.


A Stellar Reputation for helping patients overcome their speech impediments. (See Success Stories)


Our therapists have over 125 years of experience in both school and clinic settings.

We are part of the Inspector General Integrity Initiative and have pledged to partner with IG to fight fraud, waste, and abuse in Texas’ Medicaid program.  Learn more at the IG website: https://oig.hhsc.texas.gov/

Proven Speech Therapy Strategies

Our 4 Step Process to Overcoming Speech Impediments


STEP 1: Evaluation

During our initial appointment with your child we take the time to thoroughly evaluate their levels of speech and language. The results of the state approved comprehensive testing is tabulated and compared to the standards of speech for children your child’s age. We can perform our evaluation of your child in English or in Spanish depending on your child’s dominant language.

STEP 2: Diagnosis

Based on your child’s results during the comprehensive testing, our certified Speech Therapists diagnose your child’s speech and language condition. After the evaluation, the Speech Pathologist will share the diagnosis with you and answer all your questions regarding the treatment of your child’s condition.

STEP 3: Individualized Goals

Once the Speech Therapist has evaluated your child and has determined the diagnosis, a thorough report is prepared with all the Therapist’s findings and a plan of care is developed specifically for your child. This plan of care is sent to your child’s pediatrician for his/her review and approval.

STEP 4: Treatment

Depending upon your child’s severity and their individualized plan of care, your child may require an hour of therapy once or twice a week for three to six months. This therapy can be provided in English or in Spanish depending on your child’s dominant language. We can see your child in your home, in our offices, or in your child’s day care. At the end of the period, your child is re-evaluated to determine progress and the therapy cycle begins again. This process continues until your child’s testing indicates that they no longer need Speech Therapy.

What our Patients Say About Us?

We can help your child too!

I love New Beginnings. I have both my boys there and this service has really helped them and myself. Their entire staff is professional and courteous and treat us with nothing but respect. My 3 year old was really behind but now he’s saying 3-4 word sentences, which before last year he wasn’t. Before New Beginnings, I had a different service and the therapist was always late, and would leave early. The service was bad. With New Beginnings, it’s just a whole different world. With New Beginnings my child always comes first and that’s what matters most to me.
Parent of C. G. & V. G.
Mi hijo tiene 11 meses en New Beginnings y yo he notado mucha diferencia en su lenguaje. Esta muy mejorado y muy contento con la atención que recive aqui. Gracias a la intervención de New Beginnings, el tuvo una transición muy buena cuando entro al pre-kinder. La terapista le da una fantastica atención y ella trabaja muy bien con él. Muchas gracias New Beginnings!
Madre de S. L.
So my take on New Beginnings has been awesome. My sons’ behavior and attention has improved drastically and I’ve seen a lot of improvement. Norma is great, very patient and attentive and really shows how much she loves her job and truly is here to help my son. I at first was skeptical to think it would work since I had already tried teaching in my way and it was a disaster. I didn’t know how to control some situations and went about it the wrong way. I expressed my concerns and asked how to control the situation. She was very informative. I’m very pleased with the services and glad I chose to let New Beginnings in my door. My little boy is now learning new things with Norma. She’s an awesome therapist. I highly recommend her to anyone, she works her magic well. Thank you!
Parent of S.A.
Yo como madre, estoy muy satisfecha con la terapia. Mi niña ya habla mucho mas y se puede expresar con oraciones. Incluso, las personas le entienden y me felicitan por como habla para su edad. Su terapista tiene mucha paciencia y su trabajo es muy maravilloso y dificil, pero mi niña se alla muy bien con ella y sigue sus instrucciones.
Madre de J. R.
New Beginnings has been a blessing to our son and family. The care and commitment you all give in each therapy session has brought him from no language at all to being able to express himself. He is also understood by our family and others too. Although we still have a long way to go, this was long overdue. Thank you to his therapist and New Beginnings for all that you’ve done.
Parent of J.J.G.
Tengo mas de un año con los servicios de New Beginnings y mi hijo ha advansado mucho. Es capaz de decir oraciones completas en ambos idiomas. Su terapista me ha ayudado a comprender mas su descapacidad. Las tareas diarias me proporcionan ideas utiles que dan resultado. Gracias por sus servicios.
Madre de J. G.
Bringing our son to New Beginnings has been a great experience. We have been very pleased with everything he has accomplished. He made significant progress. The therapists have been great with him. They have been so caring and have made it fun for him at the same time. The schedule has also been a great help. They always work with you. Overall, I highly recommend New Beginnings. My son will miss it.
Parent of J.R
When my son started New Beginnings, I was very doubtful of the staff and their methods. But seeing the difference first hand, I have to say I was very wrong. Everything from the facility to staff have so much love for the kids. It’s amazing to know someone cares and is willing to work and not give up on our children. I also want to thank his therapist, without her patience and skills, my son wouldn’t be where he is today. Thank you!! To all the staff, keep the love for what you do. It’s AMAZING!
Parent of Z.M.
New Beginnings has created a fun environment that keeps my child looking forward to speech time each week. I have seen such an improvement in my child’s speech too. They incorporate fun and learning. The patience my child’s therapist shows also needs to be applauded. My child’s speech therapist always has an incredibly positive, professional attitude, and goes out of her way to explain what my child needs to work on. Overall, I am very pleased with New Beginnings and would recommend them to any parent whose child needs extra help.
Parent of M.G.

Methods of Payment

What are my payment options?

Paying for speech therapy that can last for many months may be a challenge for your family. Not addressing your child’s speech needs now may have lasting effects on your child’s future. As postponing speech therapy is not beneficial to your child, we offer you several options to pay for services.



We accept Superior, El Paso Health, Traditional, Preferred Administrators (UMC), Molina Healthcare, and CHIP.


Private Insurance:

We accept Tricare.


Cash or Credit:

We also accept cash, checks, VISA or MasterCard.



We also offer 0% interest financing and special payment plans to meet your needs.  If you need a special payment plan, let us know.

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