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Our Success Stories!

Your child is very special and we are honored to be given the opportunity to help them overcome their speech impairment. We believe that no other provider will give your child the attention, the individualized therapy, or the results that we produce again and again in our speech therapy practice. The following speech therapy success stories give you an idea of what it is like when New Beginnings Pediatric Speech Therapy Services sees your child for speech therapy. We hope to see you in our practice soon!

Delia is an amazing therapist,She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I love how she keeps therapy fun and entertaining while working to improve kids towards their goals. My son loves coming to his therapy! Thanks New Beginnings !

Excelente lugar mi hijo ha avanzado bastante en su terapia de lenguaje, además es un personal muy amable y con experiencia altamente calificado! En poco tiempo mi hijo a avanzado bastante con su terapista Ani!!

My son has such a good bond with Ms. Delia, she has done amazing work. Its been a little over a year and Ive seen great improvement. So lucky to have found this place.

Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras. Trabajamos muy duro para nuestros pacientes.

My experience with this office is nothing but excellent. My son has surprised me everyday with new phrases and words and it’s more than I could wish for. Ms.Delia has been very patient and she has been working hard to improve my sons speech, she is always someone my son looks forward to seeing! I would definitely recommend these services to any parent of a child with speech therapy needs.

Su amable evaluacion ayudara a otros padres a encontrar buenos servicios para sus hijos. Gracias!!

I highly recommend this place. Great staff! My son has learned so much and now he’s more confident all thanks to therapist Bertha.

Muy contenta y agradecida con el servicio que le han dado a mí hija que le está sirviendo mucho, ahora habla y se comunica mejor, gracias Miss Ani por el trabajo que hace con amor y paciencia

The whole staff and my son’s speech therapist victoria are very friendly and good at what they do my sons speech improved very quickly with the way they do things i definitely recommend this place👍👍👍👍

My daughter has been attending since Feb 2017 at the 3551 Rich Beem location. I cannot express the difference I have seen in her since she has began therapy with Larissa. My daughter and Larissa have a bond that not only allows her to open up with ease, but she also looks forward to coming to therapy each week. Larissa, Christine, and Patsy are incredible. I am so pleased with them and the atmosphere they create for the children and the parents, too. You will not be disappointed with this location and the people that make it successful. Thank you ladies!

I started stuttering when I was about 5-6 years old.  I’ve had speech therapy almost all the time since then, never was effective.  Until now, at New Beginnings my life has changed.  I am able to speak and read like I’ve never done before.  Along with that, my self-esteem has improved as well.  My stuttering was so bad, and I was so self-conscious that I would miss out on several life opportunities.  I was not able to keep conversation with my own father.  For some reason, I would stutter a lot.  It was bad.  It took me awhile to get past ONE word.

I’ve made that change with the help of my speech therapist. I am now able to fluently speak and hold conversations with my father.  I am no longer scared of my stuttering when speaking with him.  I am no longer nervous.  I honestly thought I would never be able to talk to my father correctly before speech therapy at New Beginnings.  I can honestly and confidently say that I am 100% satisfied with the speech therapy I’ve received here.

Patient, 18 years old

Actualmente mi hijo es un niño mas activo. El llega a sus terapias muy contento y tanto que para la termina de sus terapias el ya no quiere salir. Gracias a su terapeuta ha logrado mas lenguaje. El lugar me gusta por su comodidad y limpieza. Las chicas de la oficina muy serviciales. Muy agradecida con todo el equipo de New Beginnings. Madre de L.S.

New Beginnings es un buen lugar para mi niño. A el le gusta venir con su terapista de habla muchisimo. El personal es excelente y amable. Madre de J.R.

My daughter has improved greatly in the word pronunciation in her phrases of 5 to 6 words. She has come out of her shell. Her personality has improved. Teachers have noticed her whisper in words turn to cheers of encouragement from other students. Her therapist’s dedication to her improvement would not have been so great if not for her hard work and patience. Thank you Miss Delia. We truly are grateful to you. Parent of N.S.

My son has been attending speech therapy at New Beginnings for a few months. In a very short amount of time frame he went from two word statements to complete sentences. This is due to the amaing work of his speech therapist. She is very patient and uses innovative methods that are appropriate for my son’s age and needs. The environment is child friendly and all the staff are very courteous. Parent of R.C.

Since day one, New Beginnings has been the outmost wonderful speech therapy services my children have ever had. They have been excellent in every way possible. I can’t possibly thank the entire team enough for all that they have done for my children. They are like family for us and I can’t think of any other place better than New Beginnings. Thank you so much Parent of D.V. & D.V.

I love New Beginnings. I have both my boys there and this service has really helped them and myself. Their entire staff is professional and courteous and treat us with nothing but respect. My 3 year old was really behind but now he’s saying 3-4 word sentences, which before last year he wasn’t. Before New Beginnings, I had a different service and the therapist was always late, and would leave early. The service was bad. With New Beginnings, it’s just a whole different world. With New Beginnings my child always comes first and that’s what matters most to me. Parent of C. G. & V. G.

Estoy contento y feliz de la terapia que se le da a mi hijo en New Beginnings. Y sobre todo, estoy agradecido con Clarissa que para mí es una de las mejores terapeutas que hay en El Paso. Por eso recomiendo a New Beginnings. Que no duden en traer a sus hijo(a)s a esta clinica. Estoy agradecido con todos, sin mas, Dios Los Bendiga! padre de O.E.

The therapist is so nice with my son. She has a lot of patience. She is so nice to the parents too. My son likes his therapist a lot. I am so happy that my son is learning. parent of S.F.

Excelente servicio. Todo el profesionalismo, y los resultados de la terapia de mi hija para su tartamudez son extraordinarios. Gracias New Beginnings! padre de E.E.

I think our therapist has done an excellent job so far with my son. She is really, really good with him. I am extremely happy with the services that have been provided and have absolutely no complaints. I like the fact that our therapist is patient, but firm when she needs to be with my son. My son is showing steady progress. Our therapist has become an asset to our family. parent of M.M.

Me gustaron mucho los servicios y con la maestra muy preparada, y muy paciente con my hijo. Me parese fabuloso este speech therapy. Muchas gracias. parent of A. A.

I am extremely pleased with the services my son has received from New Beginnings. My son has a speech problem with extreme anxiety. His speech therapist has given him several strategies to help him with his speech and how to cope with his anxiety. My son’s speech has improved tremendously since he has been with New Beginnings. parent of J. R.

Estoy muy contenta y agradecida con este servicio que estan brindando a mi niño porque gracias al apoyo mi niño cada dia habla y se relaciona mas y ha avanzado mucho. Me gusta como se comunican con mi niño, la paciencia, y muy amables. Tambien como papas nos sirve para aprender sobre nuestros hijos. Gracias. madre de L. M.

I am very happy with New Beginnings, they have been doing a great job and my son has increased his vocabulary by a lot. The therapists are very nice and helpful as they pay attention to my son’s specific needs and help him improve. They are also there for when I have questions or concerns. Parent of J.D.

New Beginnings has been a great blessing for my family. It’s been a year and a half of working together for my son, and he is doing so much better. He says a lot of words now and he started not saying one word. He is now 3 ½ years old and now focuses, knows his abc’s, counts from 1-10, etc. Everyday he surprises me with a new ability or a new word. I highly recommend it!! Besides his progress, the staff at New Beginnings are great, efficient, and very understanding. Parent of J.M.

New Beginnings and all staff members have impacted my child’s life by showing and continue educating new techniques so he can communicate in school and society. We are looking forward for more future progress. Parent of A.M.

Primeramente agradezco por todas las atenciones para mis niños y para mi familia. Gracias Christine por la paciencia, porque con su ayuda mis hijos han salido adelante.

Madre de N.G. y J.G.

Mi experiencia con new beginnings ha sido excelente, soy directora de una guarderia y tengo una estudiante que necesitaba mucha ayuda con su lenguaje entonces llegó Delia su terapeuta y ha estado ayudando a mi estudiante con mucha paciencia y gran respeto, he visto un gran avance y progreso en ella. Se nota el gran amor y dedicacion con el que Delia hace su trabajo. Mil gracias y sigue adelante.

My daugther’s speech therapist Veronica has helped my daughter improve so much. She loves going to therapy because Veronica makes it so comfortable and fun.

Recomiendo ampliamente las terapias en new beginnings, Delia es una persona que sabe hacer su trabajo, una persona muy estudiada, con mucha paciencia hacia los niños. Monica tambien es una excelente terapista tambien muy estudiada, ambas muy recomendables, ademas se preocupan por sus pacientes en todos los aspectos. Las instalaciones son muy bonitas y sobre todo limpias

My son love going to speech therapy! His therapist Larissa is the best, she makes it fun so that it’s easier for him to learn. He has made a lot of progress since he started, I’m so glad I took the decision to take him there. I highly recommend it!!!😊👍🏻👍🏻

Muy satisfecha con el trabajo k realiza,mi nino esta teniedo avances en tampoco. Tiempo su terapista es Mui dedicada,y en cuestiones de oficina muy amables y realizan mui bien su trabajo … 🙂

I am amazed at the work that Delia does with one of our children. She comes to our facility here at Flying Colors Learning Center and works with one of our after schoolers. Since she has been working with him i have noticed a huge difference with his speech. I would highly recommend New beginnings to any of my parents that are looking for speech therapy.

Great Place

Muy amables la terapista Delia es muy amables y muy buena terapista mi hija progreso mucho con ella

I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but I credit New Beginnings for giving me back my son. He was such a happy toddler, but then as he entered preschool years, he grew angrier and angrier, easily losing his temper and often hitting or kicking. Friends and family asked me if his hearing was impaired or if he had a learning disability. I finally determined it was a speech delay. During his time with Monica [his therapist], my happy son has returned. He has confidence that when he talks and expresses his emotions, he will be understood. He has so many more friends now, and other children love playing with him. It is as though our son’s true personality was locked behind a tongue, teeth, and lips that just didn’t know how to coordinate themselves. I love being able to talk to and understand my son. I can never thank New Beginnings enough.

I have recommended New Beginnings to absolutely everyone. I have been immensely pleased by everything and everyone here.

Parent of D. C.

Estoy satisfecha y agradecida de mirar como mi hija se ha desvuelto mas y sobre todo la relación que tiene con su terapista, le da la confianza y la seguridad de trabajar. Ella se ha hecho parte de su vida, le gusta trabajar con su terapista. Son terapias agradables y sobre todo que mi hija ha advanzado. Son agradables los tiempos que mi hija pasa aprendiendo y como mama me siento feliz que existan. Gracias. Madre de J.H.

Yo le doy muchas gracias a New Beginnings por la ayuda que me han dado para mi hija porque gracias a su terapista mi hija a mejorado mucho al hablar y con sus articulaciones. Su terapista es muy amable y tiene mucha paciencia. Estuvimos en varias clinicas y nunca nos ayudaron como ahora. Madre de D.M.

Gracias a Ani y a New Beginnings mi hijo a tenido una gran mejoria en su habla y en su forma de relacionarse con la sociedad. Ahora el es un niño extravertido que le encanta jugar con otros niños de sue dad. Madre de E.S.

En la clinica New Beginnings cada vez que llego me saludan con una sonrisa y le preguntan a mi hijo si estamos bien. El lugar siempre esta limpio y organizado. Me gusta mucho por que cumplen con el horario asignado. La terapista siempre se preocupa por el bienestar de mi hijo. Le ayuda a mejorar el habla. Siempre la terapista busca la mejor manera de que mi hijo se sienta comodo y entretenido en la terapia. Parent of L.C.M.

I highly encourage anyone in need of speech for their child to see Monica! She is positive, encouraging, kind, and patient. My daughter improved not only her speech but her behavior as well. She looked forward to every visit!

This has been such a positive experience for us! Parent of R. E.

Our son could not hear well the first year and a half of his life because of fluid in his ears. Our family was able to help him a lot, but the “r” sound we could not conquer. The staff at New Beginnings helped our son tremendously! They are all very nice, thoughtful, and work well with children! Now we have the tools to continue our road to our son’s success. Thank you to all the staff at New Beginnings! Parent of J. H.

We received speech therapy services for a 6 month period from New Beginnings. We worked with 3 therapists and all of them were punctual, professional, and knowledgeable. Most importantly, all of our therapists were friendly and my son looked forward to visits! We developed a friendship and I will be sad to no longer receive visits; but I am grateful that my son is all caught up and no longer is speech delayed! Parent of A. H.

Mi hija ha evolucionado muy bien desde que le dan su terapia. Se le entiende mas platica. Canta y platíca conmigo lo que le pasa en la escuela. Me comenta todo lo que le pasa. Les doy las gracias por ayudarla. Madre de P. R. C.

So my take on New Beginnings has been awesome. My sons’ behavior and attention has improved drastically and I’ve seen a lot of improvement. Norma is great, very patient and attentive and really shows how much she loves her job and truly is here to help my son. I at first was skeptical to think it would work since I had already tried teaching in my way and it was a disaster. I didn’t know how to control some situations and went about it the wrong way. I expressed my concerns and asked how to control the situation. She was very informative. I’m very pleased with the services and glad I chose to let New Beginnings in my door. My little boy is now learning new things with Norma. She’s an awesome therapist. I highly recommend her to anyone, she works her magic well. Thank you! Parent of S.A.

Lo que puedo decir es que dan una gran atención a mi niña. Le enseñan muchas cosas y ella habla más para como llego. Le agradesco a su terapista todo lo que ha hecho por ella porque ya entendemos más sus palabras. Son muy buenas personas. Mi niña ha aprendido mucho en este tiempo. Gracias por lo que hacen por ella y por esplicarnos a nosotros su trabajo por ellos. madre de A.M.

New Beginnings has created a fun environment that keeps my child looking forward to speech time each week. I have seen such an improvement in my child’s speech too. They incorporate fun and learning. The patience my child’s therapist shows also needs to be applauded. My child’s speech therapist always has an incredibly positive, professional attitude, and goes out of her way to explain what my child needs to work on. Overall, I am very pleased with New Beginnings and would recommend them to any parent whose child needs extra help. parent of M.G.

I am really happy with the services that have been provided. I have already started recommending New Beginnings to my co-workers and friends. My family, three girls, and I love our speech therapist. She shows us every single time she comes for sessions that it is not just a job for her. We see that she truly cares about my daughter’s progress and wants her to succeed. Thank you New Beginnings for sending our therapist to us. parent of M.E.

Since my son started speech therapy, everyone tells me they understand him a lot more. He is able to talk in sentences when before, he would simply point and say very few words. Although he still requires more therapy to allow for better speech, I’m glad he’s started off so well with the staff of New Beginnings. parent of J. B.

I find the program to be very helpful for my son and I. My son looks forward to class and is very motivated positively by his therapist. I am already seeing changes with my son’s speech in such little time and I’m looking forward to seeing more improvement. parent of J. D.

My daughter has improved greatly while receiving your services. I can truly say every session my daughter has had has improved her speech and self-esteem. parent of V. C.

My son has improved so much with Norma. I’ve seen some improvement while talking, completing sentences, and more so in his behavior. She has done very well with my son and he adores her. We do appreciate her and the results and outcome for my son. Parent of C.G.

Bertha has a very positive outlook. My child is always looking forward to coming to class because she enjoys working with Bertha.

Grandparent of E.G.

Les recomiendo mucho este lugar todos los que trabajan ahí son muy amables, mi niña avanzó mucho en su habla gracias a las terapias que recibe,y su terapeuta Anis es exelente sin duda lo recomiendo.

Excellent service noticed many improvements in my son through the time he’s been there Delia is a very professional and attentive

Muy agradecida y satisfecha. Al llegar a El Paso, mi hija dejo de hablar, estaba confundida con inglés y español. Gracias a la gran dedicación y entrega de su terapista Delia mi princesa puede decir oraciones completas y con la correcta pronunciación además de todas las enseñanzas que le brindan. Gracias por el excelente servicio, todo el personal es muy educado, desde la recepción y otras terapistas. Mi hija adora venir a sus terapias pq se divierte a la vez que aprende. Así que no dudes que sus hijos están en el lugar correcto, notarás la diferencia inmediatamente.

Voy para bastante tiempo con ellos eh visto mucha mejora en mi hija gracias ala ayuda y paciencia que tiene delia estoy muy contenta con su trabajo q a echo 😊

I Bring my son to the Rich beam location for hes therapy and It’s a great place the therapists and staff are very knowledgeable and great! He’s been seen since 2014 It started off by home visits then transition to taking him to the clinic hes had 3 Different therapists all have been wonderful each one had their own techniques to help my son grow and blossom. They all hold a special place in my heart.They are there for you and have helped me with my son through hes development. He’s current therapist Veronica is so awesome me and my son love her! She’s very friendly and has great charisma and is upbeat! Her voice is like she could be a voice over for disney characters which makes her unique and makes the therapy fun to learn most importantly he likes to go! We have seen so much improvement! She works with our schedule to make it work for him to be seen every week Thank you so much Veronica your the best!! I highly recommend her!!

Muy agradecida con todo el personal y por todos los logros que mi hijo a tenido gracias a ellos en mi experiencia personal el mejor en pedriatric speech

My daughter made good progress since the therapy started a few months ago. Initially she was extremely shy and barely spoke any words with strangers. Now she’s slowly opening up and starts using full sentences. She enjoys the therapy time and her therapist. I do recommend “New Beginnings”—they are professional and effective.

Parent of S.Z.

I’ve been coming to New Beginnings for 5 years. My son has improved so much he is now an A Honor Roll student in 1st grade. His therapist has managed to help him so much during these years. It’s been an amazing experience. Parent of A.J.A.

Hands down way better than the other speech therapy place. Have seen much improvement in our son! Everything has been amazing! Keep up the great work! Parent of I. Morin

Doy las gracias a New Beginnings por la ayuda y el empeño que brindan en cada visita. Mi hija a mejorado mucho en el habla y New Beginnings a sido de gran ayuda para mi familia. Madre de J.O.

I want to thank my son’s therapist from the bottom of our hearts. We saw him change within the first week he was in therapy. Their compassion and patience has helped him be where he needs to be. Parent of A.D.L.R.

Mi hijo tiene 11 meses en New Beginnings y yo he notado mucha diferencia en su lenguaje. Esta muy mejorado y muy contento con la atención que recive aqui. Gracias a la intervención de New Beginnings, el tuvo una transición muy buena cuando entro al pre-kinder. La terapista le da una fantastica atención y ella trabaja muy bien con él. Muchas gracias New Beginnings! Madre de S. L.

Many thanks to the staff at New Beginnings. My son has overcome many of the delays in his speech and is improving more and more! Their patience and determination has improved his life for the better! Parent of A. M.

I am very pleased with the progress my daughter has made. She looks forward to her sessions with Christy. Parent of M.L.

Estoy contenta con los servicios que le dan a mis ninos. Han superado muchas cosas y han aprendido bastantes cosas. El personal es muy amable y siempre tienen respuesta a todas mis dudas. Solamente tengo que decir cosas buenas y darles las gracias por ayudarme. Gracias! Madre de N. G. & J. G.

Nosotros estamos muy contentos con New Beginnings porque a mi niño las terapias le ayudaron mucho con su lenguaje y su desarollo. El servicio es muy completo. Se los recomiendo mucho y los horarios son muy accesibles. Gracias por todas su atenciones. madre de C.B.

First of all, New Beginnings changed my child’s life. At school my child was having some problems. Now thanks to her speech teacher, my child has learned how to communicate with her teachers, and her friends. My daughter has improved her ability to communicate with family members and friends. I would recommend to mothers who are having a difficult time with their child, to call New Beginnings. parent of J.R.

I am very happy with the work they have done with my son. He has learned a lot and advanced on his communication and eye contact. I have seen more improvement with him. parent of A.R.

Yo como madre, estoy muy satisfecha con la terapia. Mi niña ya habla mucho mas y se puede expresar con oraciones. Incluso, las personas le entienden y me felicitan por como habla para su edad. Su terapista tiene mucha paciencia y su trabajo es muy maravilloso y dificil, pero mi niña se alla muy bien con ella y sigue sus instrucciones. Madre de J. R.

Quiero agradecer la oportunidad por tener el tiempo para ayudar a nuestro hijo. El servicio es excelente y profesional. Los felicito por tener personas especiales y capacitadas para nuestras necesidades. Muchas Gracias por su ayuda y esperamos que les vaya muy bien. parent of A. B.

New Beginnings has wonderful speech therapy services to offer any other clients who may be interested in speech therapy services for their children. In my experience with this service, I have seen much improvement in my son’s speech within a years time span. I am happy to announce that their services are great and that I have much appreciation for our therapist. parent of J. A.

Tengo mas de un año con los servicios de New Beginnings y mi hijo ha advansado mucho. Es capaz de decir oraciones completas en ambos idiomas. Su terapista me ha ayudado a comprender mas su descapacidad. Las tareas diarias me proporcionan ideas utiles que dan resultado. Gracias por sus servicios. madre de J. G.

I really enjoy the services provided by New Beginnings Pediatric Speech Therapy Services. My son looks forward to each visit. His therapist is very polite, kind, and informative. She spends much time answering our questions. In a way, she has become a member of our family by helping our son find his voice. Thank you New Beginnings for your services and for our speech therapist. parent of A.W.

Estoy muy agradecido con New Beginnings por la gran ayuda que a mi nieta le han dado en cuestión de terapia del habla. Las terapias le han servido a mi nieta de manera grandiosa a mejorar su forma de hablar, asi que gracias nuevamente a New Beginnings y en especial a su terapista. Abuelo de K.C.

Estoy muy contenta con el avance de mi hija en su terapia ya que habla mucho mejor y mas claro. El servicio que dan aqui en, New Beginnings, es excelente. Su terapista hace excelente trabajo con mi hija y es muy buena persona. Estoy agradesida por todas sus atenciones. Madre de C.F.

Estamos muy satisfechos con la ayuda y atención que le brindaron a mi hijo. Madre de J.E.

Muchisimos gracias a New Beginnings especialmente a Monica y Bertha excelentes personas y terapistas. Recomiendo al 100% este lugar. Madre de A.R.

Nuestro hijo ha tenido una mejoría desde que comenzó terapia en New Beginnings. Antes de que recibiera la terapia, al niño no se le entendía nada. No sabía cómo expresarse para pedirnos las cosas. Ahora poco a poco ha evolucionado su habla. Aun sigue con sus terapias para una recuperación óptima. Madre de J.R.

Excellent services! The therapist is a very nice person and teaches my child in very fun and kid friendly ways to easily learn. Parent of F.E.

Communication with Lauren, my daughter’s therapist, was great. She always had an update for me. Today is my daughter’s last day and it is bitter sweet. Lauren helped out a lot with her speech that it took them 7 months for us to see great improvement. I want to thank them for everything.

Parent of Z.M.

I love this place. Very friendly staff. I’ve been coming here for 2 years. My son who is autistic has grown so much since coming here. His therapist is very patient with him especially when he is being difficult. I highly recommend this place.

I’m very grateful for the time, dedication, and positive environment provided for my son and I. They have treated us with respect and kindness, yet professional. They have made themselves available, according to my son’s needs. I will be forever grateful, and I am sad to have to leave Miss Victoria and New Beginnings. I highly recommend their services to anyone. We’re going to miss you all!

Parent of M.R.

Muy agradecida con este lugar!!
En todos los aspectos el trato con los niños es súper bonito y nos da mucha confianza a los padres elnsaber que nuestros hijos aprenden con amor y paciencia..
Anii su terapista es la mejor!! ❤

I really recommend this place. The staff is so amazing and they treat the kids nicely. My son’s speech therapists are so patient with him and are flexible with my schedule. I tried to call other places but they never answered me. Another good thing about this place, is parents have wifi available so that they can take care of online tasks while waiting. my son has improve and he liked it alot…

Estoy muy contenta porqe e visto avanze en mis 2 niños y muy agusto y satisfecha con el trabajo de las terapistas de mis hijos…
Pues estan contentos cuando entran… Y muy agradecida con las terapistas Delia y Norma… Gracias por su exelente trabajo y dedicacion

My son had a great experience going to New Beginings. He improved so much in his speech that I am greatful to have found this place. Staff is courteous and very involved in their patients achievements. I will be recommending to anyone I know, who’s child need help with speech.

My son X has improved alot thought the time he has been there with his teacher Delia thank you so much for all your patients & hard work he has come a long way 🙆

Estoy muy contenta con el avance que ha tenido Elian y el trato es excelente muchísimas gracias

Muy agradecida con todo el personal y por todos los logros que mi hijo a tenido gracias a ellos en mi experiencia personal el mejor en pedriatric speech

My son has been going for a little over a month, and his improvement is so noticeable and has been advancing a lot. His speech therapist Delia is so amazing, treats him with lots of kindness and most of all patience.

Since my son has been coming here for a little over 2 years, he has improved and learned so much. He loves it and looks forward to learning here at New Beginnings. All the staff are very friendly and helpful. I’m so glad that I found the help that my son needed. I recommend New Beginnings to every parent that is looking for the proper help for their child or children.

Parent of E.M.

Since my son has started he has gained so much confidence. This class has helped the both of us. It showed me a direction towards progression with his learning and speaking abilities. Not only do I see advancement with my sons speaking, it continues to keep me focused and to stay positive, and patience pays off. Everyone’s care and concern uplifts us, this class has a good energy and I know it propels my son and I towards a more successful future.

Parent of E.D.V.

My son has been in therapy for over a year. His therapist has done an amazing job with my son. His speech has improved so much over this time. His therapist is very patient, kind, and fun. My son looks forward to seeing her every week. Our experience with New Beginnings has been an easy and great one. I would recommend them to anyone. Hopefully your child will be fortunate to have the aid of Ms. Norma. Thank you for all you have done! Parent of Z.M.

My son had trouble with “r” and we had him in speech for a few months without change in the schools. When we first met with his therapist, I was nervous to have him in another speech program. She immediately put my fears to rest. She jumped right in to help him form his “r” sound. I could tell he was going to get the instruction he needed. After a short time he was saying his “r” correctly in conversation. And amazingly his reading improved and his confidence was showing in everything. She not only showed him how to pronounce his “r” but she also showed him so much love. We were so blessed to have his therapist. Parent of M.P.

I didn’t realize how delayed my daughter’s speech was until we came here. In less than two weeks I was able to understand her words. Her frustrations trying to communicate lessened. This is the best place I could have taken her. Everyone is so kind and patient. Parent of E.T.

Cuando inicio mi hijo su terapia, el no veía a los ojos, se frustraba mucho, lloraba. No se estaba ni 5 minutos en una actividad. Ya mi hijo tiene 10 meses en New Beginnings y le agradesco a Claudia, su terapista, que ha logrado que mi hijo avance bastante. El ya hace sus actividades, ya la mira a los ojos, y repite palabras que ella le enseña. Estoy agradecida. Madre de J. P.

My children have made a lot of progress since coming to New Beginnings. Other people can now understand them better. They can talk and play with their classmates and not shy away because the other children can’t understand them. Parent of A. G. & A. G.

Bringing our son to New Beginnings has been a great experience. We have been very pleased with everything he has accomplished. He made significant progress. The therapists have been great with him. They have been so caring and have made it fun for him at the same time. The schedule has also been a great help. They always work with you. Overall, I highly recommend New Beginnings. My son will miss it. Parent of J.R

When my son started New Beginnings, I was very doubtful of the staff and their methods. But seeing the difference first hand, I have to say I was very wrong. Everything from the facility to staff have so much love for the kids. It’s amazing to know someone cares and is willing to work and not give up on our children. I also want to thank his therapist, without her patience and skills, my son wouldn’t be where he is today. Thank you!! To all the staff, keep the love for what you do. It’s AMAZING! parent of Z.M.

Excelente atención, un aprendizaje muy productivo en muy poco tiempo. Excelentes tecnicas de enceñanza personal. Muy capacitadas para atender a nuestros hijo(a)s. Gracias. madre de I.G.

Yo pienso que New Beginnings le ha ayudado mucho a mi hijo en sus terapias de habla. Espero que le siga ayudando mucho más. Estoy muy contenta con los servicios que le brindan a mi hijo. Son muy pacientes y comprenden que los niños nesesitan ayuda. El personal es atento y resuelven cualquier duda relacionada con el paciente (mi hijo). madre de C.L.

New Beginnings has been a blessing to our son and family. The care and commitment you all give in each therapy session has brought him from no language at all to being able to express himself. He is also understood by our family and others too. Although we still have a long way to go, this was long overdue. Thank you to his therapist and New Beginnings for all that you’ve done. parent of J.J.G.

Speech therapy has not only helped my 5 year old son but they noticed my daughter needed the help as well. They are very comfortable to be around for the child as well as for the parent. They give you the tools to help your child with speech therapy when they are not around. My daughter gets through therapy not even realizing it is to help her speech. I recommend New Beginnings to parents who are devoted and willing to help their child succeed. parent of S. M.

El desarrollo que a tenido mi hijo en 3 meses es realmente impresionante. Ha desarrollado muchisimo y debido a lo mismo tal vez ya no appliqué para el programa. Pero, doy las gracias al programa y a su maestra. parent of B. L.

My experience with New Beginnings has been very useful. I love their services and what my daughter has learned. They have helped a lot. I had ECI evaluate my child and she did very well. She didn’t qualify because she is at the level where she’s supposed to be thanks to New Beginnings. parent of N.C.

Estoy muy satisfecha con los servicios de terapia que le dieron a mi nino. En lo largo de esta temporada que tuvo mi hijo su ayuda, se vio el adelanto de su habla y de su expresion para identificar objetos y pedirme algo. parent of K. N.

My son has progressed a lot. I recommend this place to parents. We love all the staff they are very friendly. Thank you for everything! Parent of A.M.

My son has improved so much since we started coming here. He was always talking gibberish, but after a few months here, he is able to talk with an understanding of what he wants. The staff is friendly and keeps us informed about what they learned and what they did in their therapy. My son has advanced so much in his verbal skills, as well as social. Parent of Z.D.

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