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Our Success Stories!

Your child is very special and we are honored to be given the opportunity to help them overcome their speech impairment. We believe that no other provider will give your child the attention, the individualized therapy, or the results that we produce again and again in our speech therapy practice. The following speech therapy success stories give you an idea of what it is like when New Beginnings Pediatric Speech Therapy Services sees your child for speech therapy. We hope to see you in our practice soon!

Muy satisfecho con el trabajo y el avance que la terapista delia a logrado con mi hijo.Gracias new beginnings

- Ricardo Montana

Just want to start off with a simple Thank You to new beginnings. Gabby has been amazing to with my son, and makes him so happy to want to do his speech! The company as a whole is just the best. I’m so grateful to have them to help. Definitely recommended!!♥️.

- Ashley Marie

Delia referred us to new beginnings when we came to her with some concerns. We are definitely happy with the services we have received at new beginnings and are so grateful we took Delia’s advice.

- Sha-Renae Alexander

Thank you Christine, for empowering our son with the essential skills needed to communicate clearly. He is doing great in school. We are ever thankful for your professionalism.

- J

My son and I have the pleasure of working with Ms Gaby for his speech therapy and he looks forward to it every time! She is efficient and caring and has the perfect personality for the job!

- Jaffane Camarena

I love how nurturing and caring my sons speech therapist Gaby is! She is working so hard to help get my son where he needs. The company as a whole is just simply amazing and definitely knows how to pick their staff ♥️.

- Ashley Gilles

La Sra Christine es una therapista muy buena! Ayudado mucho a mi hijo (Translated by Google) Ms. Christine is a very good therapist! Helped my son a lot

- Nichole Coleman

My son receives speech therapy from New Beginnings and our therapist Janette is very understanding and patient with him. I would recommend this business, I very proud of my son, he is making great progress.

- Artie Ortiz

By far really recommend this speech therapy services, all staff was super helpful. Miss Patsy in the front office is always helpful and willing to help out whenever we have concerns on insurance and their services. They’ve been nothing but helpful to me!!

- Kat Kay264

Wow. What can I say. My son and I were blessed that we found New Beginnings for his Speech Therapy services. Paty Guajardo and Bertha made our time there very special for over 7 yrs. I totally recommend New Beginnings for you kids speech developments. We have now been dismiss from speech theraphy services and we couldn’t be more thankful for all their help. Thank you so much.

- Vivian Alvarado

My 4 year old son needed speech therapy and we got set up with Christine. It was a wonderful experience from the beginning and throughout and my son felt extremely comfortable with Christine. After each session, she thoroughly went over his progress and would instruct me on what I needed to do with for the week so he could practice on the words and sounds he needed more help with. Before my son started his speech therapy sessions with Christine, only myself and his dad could really understand what he saying. As the time progressed, my son’s enunciation improved dramatically to where now he speaks very clearly and confidently and anyone can understand what he is saying!! I would recommend New Beginnings for speech therapy services!!! Christine is wonderful!!!

- Cristina Trinidad

My 5 year old son loves going to speech therapy every Monday. Christine is amazing when it comes to his sessions and understanding of my work schedule. I can honestly say that my son looks forward to going with her every Monday and gets excited once we arrive. She’s patient with him and always informs me of what they went over and what he’s struggling on so that we can help him at home as well. I would 100% recommend Christine and new beginnings to anybody who asks me.

- Audry Espinoza

Highly recommend Ms. Jessica and Ms. Jeanette. Ms. Jessica is simply amazing and fun! She really gets to know your child and understands their interests to make learning enjoyable. My daughter loves each and every visit. My son has been seeing Ms. Jeanette for a few months now and in the beginning he really struggled with his confidence because of his speech but in her working with him he has improved in his areas and has that confidence once again! She’s great with understanding where he struggles and creates ways for him to focus and stay on track.

- Charlotte Valentin

Mi hija tiene ya dos años siendo atendida por la terapeuta Delia y nos a gustado mucho como ha mejorado su lenguage y su desarrollado social. Recomiendo ampliamente a new beginning y sobre todo a la terapeuta Delia. Mi hija le encanta ir a sus terapias. (Translated by Google) My daughter has been cared for by the therapist Delia for two years now and we really liked how her language and social development have improved. I highly recommend a new beginning and especially the therapist Delia. My daughter loves going to her therapies.

- Noe Antonio Acosta

We were referred to new beginnings by Delia and it’s been a great experience. The quality of the assessments and treatment are great.

- Sha-Renae Alexander

I recommend you guys take your kids with Isabelle shes great and has helped my daughter a lot.

- Jazmine Lorraine

My husband and I love this speech therapy my sons therapist Delia is so helpful we have already seen progress even though we berly started.

- Aislinn Garcia

Delia is an amazing person. She gives me great advice to help my daughter with her speech. she always try’s to make my daughter feel comfortable.

- Yvette Martinez

The service of the place is spectacular, very nice girls especially Mrs Patty who is very friendly reception. Many thanks to the therapist Joanna Velazco, I thank you for your consideration, help, patience, guidance and especially a lot of help you have had with my daughter as she has learned a lot with you. thank you for the respect and dedication for your real work thank you so much. 👍😁

- Hernandez Natalia

Great Place for our Son. The staff is very Friendly and Helpful and are really good with our Son.Very flexible schedules and they work with you if you have to change the appointments. We are seeing New Beginnings for our sons speech. Joanna is working with our Son and we have seen a significantly improvement on his speech. She is very understanding and patient with him. Our son has opend up more and is learning alot. I would highly recommend anyone to bring their kids here.

- Robert Yarboro

The atmosphere is great and Christine is an amazing therapist. She helped my son tremendously and am very grateful that my son had a very caring person as his therapist.

- Maribel Gonzalez

New beginning pediatric speech therapy clinic was recommended to us by my son doctor and this was the best decision ever. Ms Christine was my son speech therapy, She and my son clicked almost instantly and began building the foundation for the unbreakable bond the two would go on to form. Ms Christine kind and loving nature put my little boy at ease. I knew from the very beginning that she was the right person for the job of helping him learn to communicate with the world. As the weeks, and months went on, she continued to work with my son. Her genuine care for him influenced her work, as it does with all her clients. Christine always wanted my little angel to succeed and I just knew it. I could tell by the way Christine talked to me about my son that she believed in him. When others doubted his potential, she said to give him a chance. You don’t know what that means to me as her mother. My son now communicate very well and I say all thanks to you because you build that foundation.

- kossy Freeman

Me gusta mucho el avance que mi niña ah estado logrando al ir a este lugar. Mi niña va a terapia de lenguaje con Christine quien es una terapeuta muy linda y con mucha paciencia y también muy amable siempre con la mejor actitud. Estoy muy agradecida con ella por toda su dedicación y trabajo que hace para ayudar a mi hija. Todo el staff siempre es muy amable y te reciben con una sonrisa, realmente te hacen sentir bienvenido. Gracias por sus servicios !

- Ale Lu

My son loves his therapist Jessica. The service has been fantastic (even with the change over to telehealth). We have been seeing real positive growth in language, and she keeps him engaged with a mix of activities and educational games he can work for. I did my research before having my son start here, and all the positive things I’d heard about them were 100% true. Thank you for everything Jessica and New Beginnings!

- Laura Butler

Both my kids receive speech therapy at New Beginnings and we absolutely love it! Could not recommend this clinic enough, specially right now with everything going on, they never closed their doors, my kids have been receiving therapy through telehealth online. Our therapist Carla goes above and beyond to help my kids, we just love her and appreciate everything she does for us.

- Steph Garciduenas

Very satisfied with the work and advancement that the therapist Delia has achieved with my son. Thanks new beginnings

- Ricardo Montana

Where do I start.I am happy that my daughters pediatrician referred her to New BEGINNINGS .My daughters Therapist Kendra is amazing,Sweet and awesome I couldn’t ask for a better Speech/Feeding therapist.She blossomed so fast.Kendra always answered my concerns and always went above and beyond .I highly recommend this place .👍👍Thank you New BEGINNINGS and Thank you Kendra for everything you have done for us.

- Gracie Ramos

Recomiendo este servicio especialmente a terapista Mrs. Delia por el gran trabajo que ha desarrollado con mi hija.

- Guillermo Santos

Amazing Place! Ms. Tori is AMAZING just within the last few months my daughters speach has improved so much, I HIGHLY recommend!

- Lakota Dorothy

My daughter was referred by her pediatrician when I expressed my concern about her lack of communication when she turned 2. I was a little apprehensive about taking her but once we went , from day one, all my anxiety was laid to rest. The staff is super sweet and profesional and the facility is very clean. Miss Janette was my daughter’s therapist…..and my daughter absolutely loved her! Her sessions were once a week but my kid wished it was more. Her improvement was amazing she went from saying one or two words to speaking complete sentences in what seemed like a few weeks. She has since graduated from therapy but we pass by the office sometimes and she’ll glance over and say ” yay we’re going with Janette!” My daughter went there speaking one or two words….now I can’t get her to stop 😆 and that’s a great feeling….thank you New Beginnings and thank you Janette !

- Erika Medina

My daughter had reached a plateau at a previous speech therapy services. After a few weeks of working with Christine at New Beginnings, my daughter was been more and more eager to speak and is able to communicate her needs and express herself much better. I am so appreciative that she has made these leaps of progress that truly are stepping stones to her future.

- Monica Belmonte

My son, Izaiah, is currently attending the online speech therapy services under Ms. Janette. From the beginning to now, my son has progressed tremendously in his speech. Before starting his speech therapy online, I was a bit concerned because of the therapy being online and on a laptop. I thought my son would have trouble staying seated and staying focused on the person on the screen. Thankfully, Ms. Janette made the learning sessions for my son, fun, engaging, and eager for his next session. After each session she would let me know how well he did and what needs more attention. Right before signing off, Izaiah always makes it a point to peak his head in the camera one last time to say goodbye to his speech therapist, Ms. Janette. Ms. Janette has truly made a major impact on my sons speech. From the Templeton family we would truly like to thank you, Ms. Janette, for taking the load off us and making are son a MUCH better speaker.

- Mein Woo

I can’t recommend this place enough! We have been going here for about a year and half, and we are super grateful for my sons therapist Jessica. My son is 3 years old and is autistic but since day one Jessica has always gone above and beyond for my son.

- Diana Dorame

My daughter has been going here for almost a year and her speech has improved so much! She loves Ms. Gabby so much. Gabby is always patient with her even if she get distracted or is being difficult. Gabby always makes it fun and my daughter always looks forward to seeing her.

- Amber Abraham

Our grandson attends therapy with Ms Gabby. Through her professionalism and having established an awesome rapport with him, he has progressed immensely. Ms Gabby is not only knowledgeable in her field but has a caring and nurturing attitude. I believe it is the combination of these qualities that has allowed our grandson to thrive under her tutelage. Thank you Ms Gabby for everything you do.

- Debbie Sanchez

Highly recommended. My son was recommended to the clinic, of which I as concerned parent, felt like I was genuinely helped and cared for. Whenever I had questions in regards to the therapy sessions or had concerns, Patsy from the front office, was super helpful and had a lot of patience in helping me out with questions I had. I was able to be informed well on the speech therapy sessions, on how I could assist my son at home, and they really took their time to explain things for me. I felt my son really received the help he needed, honestly.

- Whimsical Deer

We had a great experience specially with Miss.Patsy.She was always so kind and helpful!

- Semi Lemafa

My son has been coming to New beginnings for about a year and a half and he has came so far. His therapist Jazmine has been awesome with his development. Jazmine is always coming up with new methods me and my wife can use to better help our child communicate. Their receptionist Patsy is amazing she always greets us with a smile. Patsy ensures that we are up to date with all the new information that is being pushed out the day of. Anyone that is military knows how important that is. Jazmine and Patsy has made my experience with New beginnings wonderful.

- Daniel Reddick

As a parent of a kid who was struggling with talking I completely recommend New beginnings speech therapy, specially Gabby my son’s therapist. She has been the best thing that has happened to us a family. She is great with our son and has been extremely patient with him. When we started therapy I never thought we would get to the point we are now this fast. He now is using complete sentences to express what he wants and feels. We have no trouble understanding his needs. We are extremely thankful for Gabby.

- Catherine Garcia

Great environment from the therapists to the owner and the staff. Everyone is so willing to help. Patsy is always so helpful and kind willing to go the extra mile to answer your questions, get you what you need, and work with you.

- Adriana Ortega

Excelente centro de terapia de lenguaje. Muy satisfactoria con el logro que alcanzo mi hijo en este centro. Las terapista todas siempre estaban con la mejor disposicion de ayudar a cada niño en especial a Gaby ella recibia a mi niño con mucha alegria y es muy paciente y mi hijo aprendio facil y divertido ella busco todas las herramientas necesaria para el desarrollo del lenguaje de mi niño. Me encanto mucho este centro por que desde que entraba la secretaria Patsy te recibia con una sonrisa y siempre buscaba el como ayudar a las personas una persona muy centrada en su trabajo como secretaria. Si ella tenia una duda o pregunta siempre se comunicaba por llamada o en persona. Todo siempre estuvo muy organizado, limpio, fresco y seguro. Muchisimas Gracias a todos!!

- Stephanie Maldonado

So glad I found this clinic, both my kids have been receiving speech therapy at New Beginnings for over a year now and I can already see so much improvement! We love our therapist Carla, always goes above and beyond for my kids, she is very patient and cares so much about my kids and their progress.

- Estefania Garciduenas

This office and staff is absolutely amazing, Kendra was the speech therapist for both of my sons over the period of about a year. She is the sweetest person I’ve ever met and she is incredible at her job, there aren’t enough words to describe how amazing she is. She has helped my family so much and we will forever be grateful to her and to New Beginnings.

- Erika Sullivan

My son’s speech improved immensely after working with Gabby. She is very patient and caring with him, through his good and bad days. He is now speaking more and more everyday. My family loves it and loves Gabby. I highly recommend!

- RA1

This place is amazing my son has come such a long way. He went from being completely nonverbal to not speaking three word sentences. Gabby is amazing son is always so happy to go and work with her. I would highly recommend

- Jennifer Ortega

My daughter’s therapist, Ms. Jessica is absolutely a wonderful and loving therapist. My child has grown so much since she started her speech therapy. Jessica is truly a caring, compassionate and professional therapist. She truly takes her time in ensuring that my daughter gets the learning she requires and needs. My daughter is extremely attached to me but when she is with Ms. Jessica she does not mind at all not having me around, she feels safe and happy. Also, I truly appreciate the time Jessica takes to explain to me what my daughter did during her appointment and what they worked on. I highly recommend Jessica as a speech therapist she is truly the best, she always has a positive and loving attitude. New Beginnings is very fortunate to have such a phenomenal therapist as part of their team.


My nephew was fortunate to work with Ms. Janette, who helped expand his vocabulary immensely. Living in a different state, we speak via phone and the construction of his words are much more clear.

- Crystal Camacho

My son has been in speech therapy for a year maybe two. Cathy chapman is my son’s therapist, I thought it wasn’t possible for my son to advance in speech like he has. Thanks to Cathy and her patience from the beginning where he wouldn’t understand and the crying lol. She has thought him well and I’m very happy with the services they’ve provided thanks Cathy…….

- mario nunez

Jeannette was my sons speech therapist when my husband was stationed at Fort Bliss, and I have nothing but great things to say about this place and Jeanette. She worked really great with my son and he did improve over the year we were there. Jeanette was my sons favorite speech therapist too out of the few he has had over the last couple years. If I do move back to El Paso again I would definitely go back for my sons speech there need again.

- nikki montalvo

New Beginnings on Rich Beam is a a great place. The staff is amazing. They treat my son like he’s their own. I would recommend them to anyone. Ms. Jessica is a wonderful and I have seen so much improvement with my son over the past year they’ve been working together. We love it there!

- Lauren Nichols

My son has been attending speech therapy with Christine for the past 2 years and am head over heels at his improvement! Christine has been very helpful and patient with him. His vocabulary has expanded and I thank Christine for this, when we first started he sounded like a caveman and I was in denial to accept he had a speech delay. From the moment I walked in to tour the facility, she gave me a good vibe and never looked else where. Definitely recommend Christine and New Beginnings 😃

- Rosie Esteban

My son has been attending New beginnings since he was 4 years old, he is now 11 and throughout his weekly sessions, my family and I have noticed advances in his cognitive development and communication and are convinced that the therapies have really helped him. The staff there especially Ms.Patsy have been great and very professional and adjust to the needs of my son and his abilities. We have recommended them and will continue to work with them.

- Frank J Luevano

I appreciate all the help Mrs Annette does with my son, we have seen lots of improvement through the goals she structures for him, thank you Mrs Annette!

- Karla Trujillo

Awesome place to go.. I totally recommend New Beginnings. Ms. Christine is very helpful and friendly. My son was able to improve his speech thanks to all their help.

- Nelly RodriguezGuerra

My son therapist was Christine and she was great. We love her and so grateful for all the help she gave us.

- Aracely Bonales

New Beginnings is a great place and the staff is very friendly and helpful.. My son had Janette as his speech therapist and she was great with him. His speech and confidence improved a lot with her.

- Sebastian Romero

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!! Ms.Janette Gomez she is amazing. My son has been in speech therapy and as a military family we have moved quite a bit. We started speech at age 2 and he is now 6. My sons speech has improved incredibly!! Just within a few months family and friends noticed a difference in his speech. It was no longer a struggle to understand him. He became so frustrated at days, where he just would completely give up, but Janette never became frustrated she empathized with him and comforted him and overtime he learned that she was on his side not the enemy. Fast forward in time on today he is her absolute best friend and looks forward to speech. Janette is the absolute best, Thanks so much for your patience, love, care and time with our son. You have changed his life and he is much happier, less stressed and won’t stop talking…lol.

- Erica Marshay

Delia is an amazing therapist,She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I love how she keeps therapy fun and entertaining while working to improve kids towards their goals. My son loves coming to his therapy! Thanks New Beginnings !

Since my son has started he has gained so much confidence. This class has helped the both of us. It showed me a direction towards progression with his learning and speaking abilities. Not only do I see advancement with my sons speaking, it continues to keep me focused and to stay positive, and patience pays off. Everyone’s care and concern uplifts us, this class has a good energy and I know it propels my son and I towards a more successful future.

Parent of E.D.V.

Excelente lugar mi hijo ha avanzado bastante en su terapia de lenguaje, además es un personal muy amable y con experiencia altamente calificado! En poco tiempo mi hijo a avanzado bastante con su terapista Ani!!

My son has such a good bond with Ms. Delia, she has done amazing work. Its been a little over a year and Ive seen great improvement. So lucky to have found this place.

Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras. Trabajamos muy duro para nuestros pacientes.

My experience with this office is nothing but excellent. My son has surprised me everyday with new phrases and words and it’s more than I could wish for. Ms.Delia has been very patient and she has been working hard to improve my sons speech, she is always someone my son looks forward to seeing! I would definitely recommend these services to any parent of a child with speech therapy needs.

Su amable evaluacion ayudara a otros padres a encontrar buenos servicios para sus hijos. Gracias!!

I highly recommend this place. Great staff! My son has learned so much and now he’s more confident all thanks to therapist Bertha.

Muy contenta y agradecida con el servicio que le han dado a mí hija que le está sirviendo mucho, ahora habla y se comunica mejor, gracias Miss Ani por el trabajo que hace con amor y paciencia

The whole staff and my son’s speech therapist victoria are very friendly and good at what they do my sons speech improved very quickly with the way they do things i definitely recommend this place👍👍👍👍

My daughter has been attending since Feb 2017 at the 3551 Rich Beem location. I cannot express the difference I have seen in her since she has began therapy with Larissa. My daughter and Larissa have a bond that not only allows her to open up with ease, but she also looks forward to coming to therapy each week. Larissa, Christine, and Patsy are incredible. I am so pleased with them and the atmosphere they create for the children and the parents, too. You will not be disappointed with this location and the people that make it successful. Thank you ladies!

I started stuttering when I was about 5-6 years old.  I’ve had speech therapy almost all the time since then, never was effective.  Until now, at New Beginnings my life has changed.  I am able to speak and read like I’ve never done before.  Along with that, my self-esteem has improved as well.  My stuttering was so bad, and I was so self-conscious that I would miss out on several life opportunities.  I was not able to keep conversation with my own father.  For some reason, I would stutter a lot.  It was bad.  It took me awhile to get past ONE word.

I’ve made that change with the help of my speech therapist. I am now able to fluently speak and hold conversations with my father.  I am no longer scared of my stuttering when speaking with him.  I am no longer nervous.  I honestly thought I would never be able to talk to my father correctly before speech therapy at New Beginnings.  I can honestly and confidently say that I am 100% satisfied with the speech therapy I’ve received here.

Patient, 18 years old

Actualmente mi hijo es un niño mas activo. El llega a sus terapias muy contento y tanto que para la termina de sus terapias el ya no quiere salir. Gracias a su terapeuta ha logrado mas lenguaje. El lugar me gusta por su comodidad y limpieza. Las chicas de la oficina muy serviciales. Muy agradecida con todo el equipo de New Beginnings.
Madre de L.S.

New Beginnings es un buen lugar para mi niño. A el le gusta venir con su terapista de habla muchisimo. El personal es excelente y amable.
Madre de J.R.

My daughter has improved greatly in the word pronunciation in her phrases of 5 to 6 words. She has come out of her shell. Her personality has improved. Teachers have noticed her whisper in words turn to cheers of encouragement from other students. Her therapist’s dedication to her improvement would not have been so great if not for her hard work and patience. Thank you Miss Delia. We truly are grateful to you.
Parent of N.S.

My son has been attending speech therapy at New Beginnings for a few months. In a very short amount of time frame he went from two word statements to complete sentences. This is due to the amaing work of his speech therapist. She is very patient and uses innovative methods that are appropriate for my son’s age and needs. The environment is child friendly and all the staff are very courteous.
Parent of R.C.

Since day one, New Beginnings has been the outmost wonderful speech therapy services my children have ever had. They have been excellent in every way possible. I can’t possibly thank the entire team enough for all that they have done for my children. They are like family for us and I can’t think of any other place better than New Beginnings. Thank you so much
Parent of D.V. & D.V.

I love New Beginnings. I have both my boys there and this service has really helped them and myself. Their entire staff is professional and courteous and treat us with nothing but respect. My 3 year old was really behind but now he’s saying 3-4 word sentences, which before last year he wasn’t. Before New Beginnings, I had a different service and the therapist was always late, and would leave early. The service was bad. With New Beginnings, it’s just a whole different world. With New Beginnings my child always comes first and that’s what matters most to me.
Parent of C. G. & V. G.

Estoy contento y feliz de la terapia que se le da a mi hijo en New Beginnings. Y sobre todo, estoy agradecido con Clarissa que para mí es una de las mejores terapeutas que hay en El Paso. Por eso recomiendo a New Beginnings. Que no duden en traer a sus hijo(a)s a esta clinica. Estoy agradecido con todos, sin mas, Dios Los Bendiga!
padre de O.E.

The therapist is so nice with my son. She has a lot of patience. She is so nice to the parents too. My son likes his therapist a lot. I am so happy that my son is learning.
parent of S.F.

Excelente servicio. Todo el profesionalismo, y los resultados de la terapia de mi hija para su tartamudez son extraordinarios. Gracias New Beginnings!
padre de E.E.

I think our therapist has done an excellent job so far with my son. She is really, really good with him. I am extremely happy with the services that have been provided and have absolutely no complaints. I like the fact that our therapist is patient, but firm when she needs to be with my son. My son is showing steady progress. Our therapist has become an asset to our family.
parent of M.M.

Me gustaron mucho los servicios y con la maestra muy preparada, y muy paciente con my hijo. Me parese fabuloso este speech therapy. Muchas gracias.
parent of A. A.

I am extremely pleased with the services my son has received from New Beginnings. My son has a speech problem with extreme anxiety. His speech therapist has given him several strategies to help him with his speech and how to cope with his anxiety. My son’s speech has improved tremendously since he has been with New Beginnings.
parent of J. R.

Estoy muy contenta y agradecida con este servicio que estan brindando a mi niño porque gracias al apoyo mi niño cada dia habla y se relaciona mas y ha avanzado mucho. Me gusta como se comunican con mi niño, la paciencia, y muy amables. Tambien como papas nos sirve para aprender sobre nuestros hijos. Gracias.
madre de L. M.

I am very happy with New Beginnings, they have been doing a great job and my son has increased his vocabulary by a lot. The therapists are very nice and helpful as they pay attention to my son’s specific needs and help him improve. They are also there for when I have questions or concerns.
Parent of J.D.

New Beginnings has been a great blessing for my family. It’s been a year and a half of working together for my son, and he is doing so much better. He says a lot of words now and he started not saying one word. He is now 3 ½ years old and now focuses, knows his abc’s, counts from 1-10, etc. Everyday he surprises me with a new ability or a new word. I highly recommend it!! Besides his progress, the staff at New Beginnings are great, efficient, and very understanding.
Parent of J.M.

New Beginnings and all staff members have impacted my child’s life by showing and continue educating new techniques so he can communicate in school and society. We are looking forward for more future progress.
Parent of A.M.

Primeramente agradezco por todas las atenciones para mis niños y para mi familia. Gracias Christine por la paciencia, porque con su ayuda mis hijos han salido adelante.

Madre de N.G. y J.G.

I would highly recommend New Beginnings! My son has been receiving speech therapy here for the past 3+ years! Everyone in the Rich Beem office is so helpful and friendly especially Mrs Patsy! She has been such a special part of our experience at New Beginnings since our very first visit! She’s very knowledgeable and eager to help in any way she can! Mrs Patsy made us feel welcome and comfortable when we had no idea what to expect! She’s certainly an asset to New Beginnings!

- Jennie Wood

El servicio es excelente desde la persona que te atiende al frente hasta la terapista. Son muy amables y serviciales. Mi niño ha mejorado muchísimo y de no hablar hace un año ahora no para de conversar. Ms. Jeaneth es muy cariñosa, amable y respetuosa. Además siempre me mantiene bien informada sobre el desarrollo de mi niño. GRACIAS 🙂

- Xiomara Y. Figueroa-Sánchez

We made the decision to switch therapy offices due to personal reasons and I do not regret choosing New Beginnings Speech Therapy; I most definitely recommend this place. My boys both attend speech therapy here with Christine and she is awesome! My boys have made a significant amount of improvement and they always look forward to their sessions. Christine is always helping accommodate appointment times to best fit our schedule based on her availability and is so patient and always happy to help. Everyone is super nice and very welcoming as well. No complaints what so ever!

- Katherine Martinez

Janette is awesome. She has worked with my daughter for a year now and has been so patient with her. My daughter has improved so much and has really enjoyed speech with miss Janette!

- Kevin Abraham

Great service, we love our therapist Joanna. She is being a blessing to my little boy.

- Perla Molina

I’m very grateful for the time, dedication, and positive environment provided for my son and I. They have treated us with respect and kindness, yet professional. They have made themselves available, according to my son’s needs. I will be forever grateful, and I am sad to have to leave Miss Victoria and New Beginnings. I highly recommend their services to anyone. We’re going to miss you all!

Parent of M.R.

My son had a great experience going to New Beginings. He improved so much in his speech that I am greatful to have found this place. Staff is courteous and very involved in their patients achievements. I will be recommending to anyone I know, who’s child need help with speech.

My children have made a lot of progress since coming to New Beginnings. Other people can now understand them better. They can talk and play with their classmates and not shy away because the other children can’t understand them.
Parent of A. G. & A. G.

Yo pienso que New Beginnings le ha ayudado mucho a mi hijo en sus terapias de habla. Espero que le siga ayudando mucho más. Estoy muy contenta con los servicios que le brindan a mi hijo. Son muy pacientes y comprenden que los niños nesesitan ayuda. El personal es atento y resuelven cualquier duda relacionada con el paciente (mi hijo).
madre de C.L.

Speech therapy has not only helped my 5 year old son but they noticed my daughter needed the help as well. They are very comfortable to be around for the child as well as for the parent. They give you the tools to help your child with speech therapy when they are not around. My daughter gets through therapy not even realizing it is to help her speech. I recommend New Beginnings to parents who are devoted and willing to help their child succeed.
parent of S. M.

El desarrollo que a tenido mi hijo en 3 meses es realmente impresionante. Ha desarrollado muchisimo y debido a lo mismo tal vez ya no appliqué para el programa. Pero, doy las gracias al programa y a su maestra.
parent of B. L.

My son has improved so much since we started coming here. He was always talking gibberish, but after a few months here, he is able to talk with an understanding of what he wants. The staff is friendly and keeps us informed about what they learned and what they did in their therapy. My son has advanced so much in his verbal skills, as well as social.
Parent of Z.D.

Very good service, very kind from the office excellent therapists, my child goes with Delia since he started with her, he had a lot of advances 💯 recommended

- Marlene Mejia

5/5 Definitely recommend New Beginnings Pediatric Speech Therapy. Gabby has been absolutely wonderful with my 2 year old son, it has been less than a month and I am already seeing some improvements.

- Kayla Sano

Ms Gaby has been a wonderful in the sessions she is providing for our Son. He is always looking forward to his session and due to her wonderful personality he is opening up and learning more every session! We are grateful and happy!

- Jaffane Moreno

I highly recommend New Beginnings! Both of my kids have shown major improvements since going here weekly. Their therapists provide excellent tips on how to help them at home so they can continue learning even when they are not in a session. Patsy at the front of the office was also very helpful and attentive.

- Courtney Reichhold

Quiero tomar esta oportunidad para reconocer a la terapeuta del habla la señorita Christine por su profesionalismo y dedicación dentro de su práctica y el hacer un tremendo impactó con nuestro niño y familia. Altamente recomendada y la mejor terapeuta del habla que cualquier niño pueda tener. Gracias Christine (Translated by Google) I want to take this opportunity to recognize speech therapist Ms. Christine for her professionalism and dedication within her practice and making a tremendous impact with our child and family. Highly recommended and the best speech therapist any child can have. Thanks Christine

- Romelo

I have a beautiful 6 year old daughter that has been showing rapid improvements with the speech therapy provided at New Beginnings. We are truly grateful for Mrs. Christine for the service we received under her care. I highly reccomend New Beginnings god bless the staff for the services provided and caring for my daughter.

- Cesar Lozano

La Terapista Christine demuestra que ama su profesión. Gracias a su dedicación, niños que ha ayudado llegar a sus metas dirían lo mismo! Gracias Christine por tu buen trabajo que haces para todos los ñinos en nuestra comunidad. Les recomiendo que traten los servicio de New Beginnings. Preguntan para Christine! 🙂 (Translated by Google) Therapist Christine shows that she loves her profession. Thanks to your dedication, children you have helped reach their goals would say the same! Thank you Christine for your good work that you do for all the children in our community. I recommend that you try the New Beginnings services. They ask for Christine! 🙂

- Nathan Coleman

My daughter has improved greatly, with Christine’s therapy! Christine has been a blessing to us. She has been very flexible when we’ve had to reschedule sessions. Thank you, Christine (SLP)!

- S C

New Beginnings is a wonderful place! The staff and therapists are outstanding, friendly, dedicated and professional! Our son is improving rapidly! He looks forward to each session and is growing more confident. My husband and I are very impressed with the therapy and patience Mrs. Christine, shows our son. Thank you so much Mrs. Christine!!! We have been to a few clinics in El Paso, New Beginnings is by far the best place! We are very satisfied with the service we receive! WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND NEW BEGINNINGS!!!

- Angelina

Jannette was the best! My two year old didn’t speak at all and within 6 months he was discharged, all thanks to Janette, she’s kind, patient and she’s just great. The place was always clean and the staff was always so nice to us, I definitely recommend this place for speech therapy because we loved it!

- Jazmin Bruedle

Our child has been seen by Christine for the past eight months. We have seen so much improvement! Christine is very knowledgable and passionate about what she does. She is very patient and understanding with our child and has transitioned well to providing teletherapy during the pandemic.

- Jenny L

Estoy muy agradecida y satisfecha con Christine Adame, por toda la atención que le brindo a.mi hija durante todas sus terapias, siempre la hizo sentir cómoda, segura y con muchas ganas de aprender más, nos encariñamos con ella por ser tan profesional, con una gran calidad humana, siempre dispuesta a responder a nuestras dudas , en verdad es excelente en su trabajo, muchas gracias Christine, por.todo este tiempo q compartimos, mi hija Angelica siempre te recuerda. Muchas bendiciones (Translated by Google) I am very grateful and satisfied with Christine Adame, for all the attention I give to my daughter during all her therapies, she always made her feel comfortable, safe and eager to learn more, we are fond of her for being so professional, with a great human quality, always ready to answer our questions, she is truly excellent in her work, thank you very much Christine, for all this time we share, my daughter Angelica always remembers you. Many blessings


Miss Jessica always tries to catch my son’s interest by looking for toys or activities that he may like. She is very conscious about our situation. She always explains to me what she is working with my son. Patsy at the front desk is very kind and is always prone to help. I recommend this place.

- Elena Castillo

My daughter is two years old being treated by therapist Delia and we really liked how her language and social development improved. I highly recommend a new beginning and especially therapist Delia. My daughter loves going to her therapies.

- Antonio Acosta

My son has been attending New Beginnings for several months now and has progressed extremely well, everyone notice the change on him, he speaks more and interacts with other kids more, miss Delia does a wonderfull work, he loves coming, i will truly recomend new begginings.

- gracie rivas

Gabby has been absolutely wonderful with my 2 year old son. She is very knowledgeable, kind, and gives me updated details after each session. It has been less than a month and I am already seeing improvements in my toddlers communication skills.

- Kayla Sano

Ms. Isabel is a wonderful teacher! Our daughter asks us all week every week to, “Go see my Isabel!”. Our daughter is thriving at New Beginnings. She is progressing very well with Ms Isabel, who is always very patient and understanding with her. She includes us in every lesson and even goes out of her way to make the experience welcoming for all of us.

- D Walker

Mi hijo a estado en speech therapy con mrs. Delia desde hace un año y hemos visto mucho cambio en su habla.. muy recomendada es muy divertida y paciente con los niños (Translated by Google) My son has been in speech therapy with mrs. Delia for a year and we have seen a lot of change in her speech .. highly recommended she is very funny and patient with children

- Crysel Medina

This place is amazing; my son has come a very long way. From non verbal to now speaking 3 word sentences. Gabby is an amazing therapist she is so patient and my son loves going and working with her. They do so many other things than just speech. I am highly recommend this place

- Jennifer Ann Ortega

This place is awsome. We love Ms. Paty at the front desk and Jazmin, my son’s therapist, they were always very kind and helpful. My son no longer needs to go to therapy and he still asks me to take him there. I recommend it 100%

- B Torres

Awesome place to go.. I totally recommend New Beginnings. Ms. Christine is very helpful and friendly. My son was able to improve his speech thanks to all her help. Ms.Janette is also an amazing therapist, she help me with my 2yr. old girl. Both therapies are wonderful and dedicated ladies willing to help.

- Nelly RodriguezGuerra

Awesome learning environment! My daughter attended for 5years and Christine was just absolutely amazing and her patience was outstanding,my daughter learned so much from her.Would reccomend 100%

- Jackie F

Exceptional service. My three year old son has been attending sessions regularly with Ms.Christine and has opened up instantaneously. Gone are the days of seeing him frustrated from being unable to communicate with me. He is always eager to work with Ms.Christine and looks forward to his future appointments. Since attending therapy, my son has become aware of pausing to decrease stuttering, actively engaging his tongue to rest in the correct position, and practicing his tongue strengthening exercises. As mentioned before, his speech has tremendously improved and I can actually have conversations with my son without feeling confused!! He has blossomed and has so much to say now. I owe it to the help of Ms.Christine. Please do your family a tremendous favor by asking for Ms. Christine. She can help you!

- Bianca Parra

Christine worked with my daughter and helped her open up so much! My daughter is now starting to understand more words and still uses what she learned from Christine to this day.

- Jessi brittenham

Delia is an amazing person. she is always very polite. she gives great advice on how we can both help my daughter with her speech. She tries to work with my schedule and change it if i need it. Very helpfull.

- Yvette Escobedo

My son has been attending New Beginnings for several months now and has progressed extremely well. He has Autism and finding a therapist with patience and understanding has been hard to find in the past.But here at New Beginnings his therapist Ms.Victoria is patient and kind. Ms.Kendra conducted the first evaluation and he loved her, she is great as well. Everyone is friendly and caring here at this place. They definitely want to help your child succeed. I highly recommend New Beginnings.

- Mr. Vintage

Gracias Ms. Delia por el tiempo, dedicación y logros que ha logrado con mi hija en tan poco tiempo , cada sesión es un nuevo reto y nuevos logros

- Marina Avalos

My daughter has been going here for a year and she loves it. Her speech has been getting so much better and she looks forward to seeing Victoria every week. They make it so much fun for the kids!

- Chelsea Bean

Muy buen servicio,muy amables desde la oficina excelentes terapeutas mi niño va con Delia desde que empezó con ella a tenido muchísimo avance recomendado

- Marlene Mejia

Mi nieta acude a terapias ahí y el servicio es muy bueno a mostrado evolución y cada vez que asiste sale muy contenta todo el personal esta muy calificado muchas gracias a la terapista Christine.

- Cecilia Reyes

I highly recommend this facility. All of the staff members are very professional and polite. Ms. Jessica was my daughter’s therapist which my daughter absolutely loves. She was patient and caring towards my daughter’s needs. It is evident Ms. Jessica is passionate about her career and helping others, she truly does care.

- Brandi Fincher

I take my daughter here. My daughter loves her therapist. My daughter has made such an improvement since the first day I took her. We are always looking forward to her next session. She has had two therapist and both are amazing, each one has their unique way of working. They are all so friendly and helpful. I have had problems with medicaid in the past and Patty in the front desk has also helped me. From offering payment plans to helping me fax papers to the medicaid office so that my daughter could get approved for medicaid and not pay for each session. Definitaly best place and excellent staff. Highly recommended. Thanks for still helping kids and parents during this difficult time.

- Viridiana Moreno

This place is amazing! My son has been receiving speech therapy with Ms. Annette for almost two years. He loves coming in and seeing her. Everyone goes above and beyond to help your child thrive, grow, and learn. My son’s speech has improved so much and he has much more confidence in talking.

- Melissa Barger

love love LOVE New Beginnings! Cathy Chapman has helped my son improve so quickly and well! I am very satisfied. We took a little break but we are happy to be back. Gohan is improving his speech because of this Theraphy center. Highly recommend

- Felina Joiner

Beautiful and very clean place!!! Asbel at the front desk was truly amazing and straight forward, which was appreciated, I was very pleased. The speech therapist was both very dedicated individual, who truly cared about the welfare and progress of their patients! Whithin 6 months my son was chatting up a storm. Would he have learned to talk anyway? probably, but without a doubt the therapist gave him the tools and confidence to verbalize sooner and express his emotions and language in a healthy way.

- Armando Guajardo

My son has been going to New beginnings for a few months and has improved in his speech so much. He went from saying 2 to 3 words once in a awhile to 25 to 30 words consistently. He is always very excited to go and work with Janette. Janette is amazing and always communicating with us about his appointments. The facilities are very clean. I highly recommend new beginnings speech therapy for your child!

- Kristin Layman

New Beginnings has changed my son’s and my family’s lives. He had a severe case that was so bad he would get teased for not being able to say words without facial expressions and repeating sounds. Janette, his speech therapist, identified all of the issues and worked with him to help him recognize them and overcome them. It is unbelieveable how far he has come in such a short period of time. Janette worked with my busy schedule, being in the military, and has helped my son to develop a love for reading as well as helped him to gain the confidence to speak perfectly so he has no repercussions from his peers. I would highly recommend New Beginnings because they do become your friends and family and have an amazing program that does work.

- Milagros Montalvo

Mi Nieto empezó a tener terapia con Gabby y he visto una mejoría increíble . Le agradezco mucho su paciencia con el , su buen humor pues siempre sabe como hacerle la terapia divertida y siempre logra motivarlo para seguir mejorando .

- Yéssica Fernandez

Muy bueno , lo recomiendo al 100. Jessica Ortiz fue su terapeuta y ella se tomó su tiempo para enseñarle y mejoró bastante. Ella sabe cómo comunicarse con los niños, le enseñó de una manera que mi niña le llamaba mucho la atención. (Translated by Google) Very good, I recommend him 100. Jessica Ortiz was his therapist and she took her time to teach him and he improved a lot. She knows how to communicate with children, she taught her in a way that my little girl caught her attention.

- Stephanie Rivera

My daughter has been attending since Feb 2017 at the 3551 Rich Beem location. I cannot express the difference I have seen in her since she has began therapy with Larissa. My daughter and Larissa have a bond that not only allows her to open up with ease, but she also looks forward to coming to therapy each week. Larissa, Christine, and Patsy are incredible. I am so pleased with them and the atmosphere they create for the children and the parents, too. You will not be disappointed with this location and the people that make it successful. Thank you ladies! Patsy is so helpful, caring, sweet, and so professional! She helped me so many times with questions and concerns I had regarding administrative paperwork for my daughter. She was quick with answers and always provided solutions. She always made it a point to greet us so warmly and genuinely would ask us how we are doing. Her authentic nature made our experience there so awesome!

- Chrisha Baskerville

Nos encanta, Ms. Karla es la terapista de mi hijo es muy atenta, amable y no tan solo a mejorado en el habla si no que también en su conducta, el progreso que a tenido a sido increible. El apenas pronunciaba bien las palabras y ahora puede mantener una conversación coherente.

- Jan Carlos Rivera Agosto

I have 2 sons that got services from New beginnings on the Rich beam location. The Front desk Receptionist Patsy always was very Pleasant and courteous and made you feel like home. Any questions I had she kindly attended my issues. She’s a great person to have greeting you and providing info on the services offered.

- GUESS Girl

Janette is awesome. She has worked with my daughter for a year now and has been so patient with her. My daughter has improved so much and has really enjoyed speech with miss Janette! My youngest daughter sees Gabby and she is a gem. She always makes it fun even when my 3 year old is being a ball of sass. She sings and Truly find ways to makes it so fun for her.

- Kevin Abraham

I absolutely love this place… The staff have been very nice every time we go in for my son’s speech therapy And Ms Joanna her patience and dedication to my son have help him talking so much in only six months he’s where he needs to be for his age I couldn’t be more thankful for all her help ..

- Jasmine campas

We have had an awesome experience since day one. Service is excellent and facilities are clean and well organized. Our daughter loves her sessions and is always eager to go back to her therapy. The staff is great they always take care of your questions and accommodate your needs. The staff has been outstanding specially Ms. Ortiz, she has been my daughter’s therapist since the very beginning and her growth has been amazing. From just pointing at stuff to communicate when she started to being able to talk and communicate in sentences it has really marked a significant amount of progress she has made in just 1 year, for this we thank New Beginnings, the staff and Ms. Ortiz from the bottom of our hearts. We are very happy we came to New Beginnings to get speech therapy services and would recommend everyone to give their kids the opportunity to grow and learn with the wonderful and kind people of New Beginnings Speech Therapy. Thank you and keep up the amazing work!

- Harold Villanueva

Recomend New Beginning Pediatric Speech Christine, Very Good with my daughter speech therapy. I see Advancing and Progressing with her speech. BIG difference I’m Extremely SATISFIED! Thank you for helping My Daughter GROW!😁

- Jessica Diaz

I started Speech therapy for my 2 year old son in July with Christine and he has loosened his tongue so much since starting out! It’s unbelievable how much he has progressed in such short time. Christine is so patient and loving, it makes me (as a parent) feel like my son is so genuinely taught and cared for here! I recommend this place 11/10!

- Angelica Ramos

Love how they are always eager to get working and I’ve seen many great results since we’ve started therapy ! Thank you so much Christine !

- Paulina Medina

I love this place ! My son has been here for 1 year and he has learned improved soo much!! thanks to his therapist Jeanette my son loves her so much and she’s is a great teacher and very caring for my son ! I totally recommend this place 🙌

- Melissa Gasca

My daughter really enjoys going to speech therapy. She loves her speech therapist Annette. I have witnessed my daughter’s growth in her speech since she started going to New Beginnings.

- Paola Carmona

Christine is such an amazing therapist and person! The patience she has with my 2 year old son is beyond belief. The one on one therapy sessions are perfect because your child gets the attention needed to accommodate their needs. I would recommend New Beginnings to anyone looking for speech therapy.

- Maria Fernanda Ramos

The best place ever my Son los his therapist Kristen omg she is amazing Keythen love her everything is so clean and organize they make you feel like your kids are in a safe place thanks God for place like this

- Brendiss Torres

Great Place for our Son. The staff is very Friendly and Helpful and are really good with our Son.Very flexible schedules and they work with you if you have to change the appointments. We are seeing New Beginnings for our sons speech. Joanna is working with our Son and we have seen a significantly improvement on his speech. She is very understanding and patient with him. Our son has opend up more and is learning alot. I would highly recommend anyone to bring their kids here.

- James Yarboro

Estoy muy satisfecha por el resultado de la terapia de lenguaje de mi hijo.Ellos siempre se portaron de una manera muy especial con mi niño y le dieron la confianza para cada una de las terapias. Me sorprendia de los avances q tenia y eso lo motivaba . Janeth. Su terapeuta siempre fue muy paciente y muy amable con mi niño y sobre todo muy profesional .En verdad los recomiendo.👍😊

- Linda S

I couldn’t recommend this place enough. The front staff was always nice and welcoming. My daughter went for almost a year and saw Ms.Janette. My daughter was a little shy at first but quickly grew a connection with Ms.Janette. If she knew she had an appointment it was the highlight of her day. She never fussed or fought about not wanting to go. When they started doing virtual due to the pandemic. It was a little rough at first but Ms.Janette was able to get her focused and entertained by the learning techniques they used. The biggest accomplishment out of all of this was the difference in my daughter speech. She loves to talk your ear off and joke around so being able to understand everything she saying has made a big difference. She also more willing to learn new words everyday without hesitation. I truly appreciate this place and the people that work there.

- Kristin Pope

Mi experiencia con new beginnings ha sido excelente, soy directora de una guarderia y tengo una estudiante que necesitaba mucha ayuda con su lenguaje entonces llegó Delia su terapeuta y ha estado ayudando a mi estudiante con mucha paciencia y gran respeto, he visto un gran avance y progreso en ella. Se nota el gran amor y dedicacion con el que Delia hace su trabajo. Mil gracias y sigue adelante.

My daugther’s speech therapist Veronica has helped my daughter improve so much. She loves going to therapy because Veronica makes it so comfortable and fun.

Muy agradecida con todo el personal y por todos los logros que mi hijo a tenido gracias a ellos en mi experiencia personal el mejor en pedriatric speech

Recomiendo ampliamente las terapias en new beginnings, Delia es una persona que sabe hacer su trabajo, una persona muy estudiada, con mucha paciencia hacia los niños. Monica tambien es una excelente terapista tambien muy estudiada, ambas muy recomendables, ademas se preocupan por sus pacientes en todos los aspectos. Las instalaciones son muy bonitas y sobre todo limpias

My son love going to speech therapy! His therapist Larissa is the best, she makes it fun so that it’s easier for him to learn. He has made a lot of progress since he started, I’m so glad I took the decision to take him there. I highly recommend it!!!😊👍🏻👍🏻

Muy satisfecha con el trabajo k realiza,mi nino esta teniedo avances en tampoco. Tiempo su terapista es Mui dedicada,y en cuestiones de oficina muy amables y realizan mui bien su trabajo … 🙂

I am amazed at the work that Delia does with one of our children. She comes to our facility here at Flying Colors Learning Center and works with one of our after schoolers. Since she has been working with him i have noticed a huge difference with his speech. I would highly recommend New beginnings to any of my parents that are looking for speech therapy.

Great Place

Muy amables la terapista Delia es muy amables y muy buena terapista mi hija progreso mucho con ella

I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but I credit New Beginnings for giving me back my son. He was such a happy toddler, but then as he entered preschool years, he grew angrier and angrier, easily losing his temper and often hitting or kicking. Friends and family asked me if his hearing was impaired or if he had a learning disability. I finally determined it was a speech delay. During his time with Monica [his therapist], my happy son has returned. He has confidence that when he talks and expresses his emotions, he will be understood. He has so many more friends now, and other children love playing with him. It is as though our son’s true personality was locked behind a tongue, teeth, and lips that just didn’t know how to coordinate themselves. I love being able to talk to and understand my son. I can never thank New Beginnings enough.

I have recommended New Beginnings to absolutely everyone. I have been immensely pleased by everything and everyone here.

Parent of D. C.

Estoy satisfecha y agradecida de mirar como mi hija se ha desvuelto mas y sobre todo la relación que tiene con su terapista, le da la confianza y la seguridad de trabajar. Ella se ha hecho parte de su vida, le gusta trabajar con su terapista. Son terapias agradables y sobre todo que mi hija ha advanzado. Son agradables los tiempos que mi hija pasa aprendiendo y como mama me siento feliz que existan. Gracias.
Madre de J.H.

Yo le doy muchas gracias a New Beginnings por la ayuda que me han dado para mi hija porque gracias a su terapista mi hija a mejorado mucho al hablar y con sus articulaciones. Su terapista es muy amable y tiene mucha paciencia. Estuvimos en varias clinicas y nunca nos ayudaron como ahora.
Madre de D.M.

Gracias a Ani y a New Beginnings mi hijo a tenido una gran mejoria en su habla y en su forma de relacionarse con la sociedad. Ahora el es un niño extravertido que le encanta jugar con otros niños de sue dad.
Madre de E.S.

En la clinica New Beginnings cada vez que llego me saludan con una sonrisa y le preguntan a mi hijo si estamos bien. El lugar siempre esta limpio y organizado. Me gusta mucho por que cumplen con el horario asignado. La terapista siempre se preocupa por el bienestar de mi hijo. Le ayuda a mejorar el habla. Siempre la terapista busca la mejor manera de que mi hijo se sienta comodo y entretenido en la terapia.
Parent of L.C.M.

I highly encourage anyone in need of speech for their child to see Monica! She is positive, encouraging, kind, and patient. My daughter improved not only her speech but her behavior as well. She looked forward to every visit!

This has been such a positive experience for us!

Parent of R. E.

Our son could not hear well the first year and a half of his life because of fluid in his ears. Our family was able to help him a lot, but the “r” sound we could not conquer. The staff at New Beginnings helped our son tremendously! They are all very nice, thoughtful, and work well with children! Now we have the tools to continue our road to our son’s success. Thank you to all the staff at New Beginnings!
Parent of J. H.

We received speech therapy services for a 6 month period from New Beginnings. We worked with 3 therapists and all of them were punctual, professional, and knowledgeable. Most importantly, all of our therapists were friendly and my son looked forward to visits! We developed a friendship and I will be sad to no longer receive visits; but I am grateful that my son is all caught up and no longer is speech delayed!
Parent of A. H.

Mi hija ha evolucionado muy bien desde que le dan su terapia. Se le entiende mas platica. Canta y platíca conmigo lo que le pasa en la escuela. Me comenta todo lo que le pasa. Les doy las gracias por ayudarla.
Madre de P. R. C.

So my take on New Beginnings has been awesome. My sons’ behavior and attention has improved drastically and I’ve seen a lot of improvement. Norma is great, very patient and attentive and really shows how much she loves her job and truly is here to help my son. I at first was skeptical to think it would work since I had already tried teaching in my way and it was a disaster. I didn’t know how to control some situations and went about it the wrong way. I expressed my concerns and asked how to control the situation. She was very informative. I’m very pleased with the services and glad I chose to let New Beginnings in my door. My little boy is now learning new things with Norma. She’s an awesome therapist. I highly recommend her to anyone, she works her magic well. Thank you!
Parent of S.A.

Lo que puedo decir es que dan una gran atención a mi niña. Le enseñan muchas cosas y ella habla más para como llego. Le agradesco a su terapista todo lo que ha hecho por ella porque ya entendemos más sus palabras. Son muy buenas personas. Mi niña ha aprendido mucho en este tiempo. Gracias por lo que hacen por ella y por esplicarnos a nosotros su trabajo por ellos.
madre de A.M.

New Beginnings has created a fun environment that keeps my child looking forward to speech time each week. I have seen such an improvement in my child’s speech too. They incorporate fun and learning. The patience my child’s therapist shows also needs to be applauded. My child’s speech therapist always has an incredibly positive, professional attitude, and goes out of her way to explain what my child needs to work on. Overall, I am very pleased with New Beginnings and would recommend them to any parent whose child needs extra help.
parent of M.G.

I am really happy with the services that have been provided. I have already started recommending New Beginnings to my co-workers and friends. My family, three girls, and I love our speech therapist. She shows us every single time she comes for sessions that it is not just a job for her. We see that she truly cares about my daughter’s progress and wants her to succeed. Thank you New Beginnings for sending our therapist to us.
parent of M.E.

Since my son started speech therapy, everyone tells me they understand him a lot more. He is able to talk in sentences when before, he would simply point and say very few words. Although he still requires more therapy to allow for better speech, I’m glad he’s started off so well with the staff of New Beginnings.
parent of J. B.

I find the program to be very helpful for my son and I. My son looks forward to class and is very motivated positively by his therapist. I am already seeing changes with my son’s speech in such little time and I’m looking forward to seeing more improvement.
parent of J. D.

My daughter has improved greatly while receiving your services. I can truly say every session my daughter has had has improved her speech and self-esteem.
parent of V. C.

My son has improved so much with Norma. I’ve seen some improvement while talking, completing sentences, and more so in his behavior. She has done very well with my son and he adores her. We do appreciate her and the results and outcome for my son.
Parent of C.G.

Bertha has a very positive outlook. My child is always looking forward to coming to class because she enjoys working with Bertha.

Grandparent of E.G.

I cannot be more thankful with this speech therapy clinic. My son went from being non-verbal to making a full conversation. He still has a long way to go and catch up. He will get there eventually. Jessica, his therapist is the best. Her dedication and patience has been one of the main contributors to my son’s progress. I highly recommend this clinic and their staff. If you are looking for miracles! New beginnings is your source. Now a big key in this magical formula is that you have to follow through on the plan and sessions. It takes our effort as well,to make this happen. Jessica thank you!!!

- Jesus Perez

We first and foremost would love to thank Ms. Christine. She has done nothing short of being professional, culturally accepting,and empathetic to our child’s needs in his speech growth. Our son has come a very long way in the two years she has been servicing him. We are greatly appreciative of her service and we can tell she is compassionate with the patients and loves to do what she does best, helping those in need.

- Muriel Holguin

i absolutely would recommend this place, all the staff is welcoming and friendly. Ms.Janette is amazing, she worked with my daughter that has ASD and her speech improved so much. Highly recommend!

- Vanessa Simpson

Patsy in the front office is super friendly and helpful. Christine helped our kiddos so much. I would highly recommend this place!!

- Rachel Alvarado

I highly recommend New Beginnings! This place was a real beginning for my daughter!! Her therapist Christine Adame is amazing!!! She is the best speech therapist my daughter has ever had!! Her dedication and hard work is appreciated and seen in my daughter’s growth. Christine goes above and beyond to meet my daughter’s needs and has excellent communication with me. We love her and wouldn’t change her for the world!! She’s become an essential part my daughter’s life and I will forever be thankful for everything she has done for us!!! New Beginnings is like family. The whole staff is friendly, caring and make you feel right at home!!

- Bernice Avila

Muy agradecida con este lugar!!
En todos los aspectos el trato con los niños es súper bonito y nos da mucha confianza a los padres elnsaber que nuestros hijos aprenden con amor y paciencia..
Anii su terapista es la mejor!! ❤

Estoy muy contenta porqe e visto avanze en mis 2 niños y muy agusto y satisfecha con el trabajo de las terapistas de mis hijos…
Pues estan contentos cuando entran… Y muy agradecida con las terapistas Delia y Norma… Gracias por su exelente trabajo y dedicacion

Estoy muy contenta con el avance que ha tenido Elian y el trato es excelente muchísimas gracias

Bringing our son to New Beginnings has been a great experience. We have been very pleased with everything he has accomplished. He made significant progress. The therapists have been great with him. They have been so caring and have made it fun for him at the same time. The schedule has also been a great help. They always work with you. Overall, I highly recommend New Beginnings. My son will miss it.
Parent of J.R

I didn’t realize how delayed my daughter’s speech was until we came here. In less than two weeks I was able to understand her words. Her frustrations trying to communicate lessened. This is the best place I could have taken her. Everyone is so kind and patient.
Parent of E.T.

My experience with New Beginnings has been very useful. I love their services and what my daughter has learned. They have helped a lot. I had ECI evaluate my child and she did very well. She didn’t qualify because she is at the level where she’s supposed to be thanks to New Beginnings.
parent of N.C.

My son has progressed a lot. I recommend this place to parents. We love all the staff they are very friendly. Thank you for everything!
Parent of A.M.

Excelente atención, un aprendizaje muy productivo en muy poco tiempo. Excelentes tecnicas de enceñanza personal. Muy capacitadas para atender a nuestros hijo(a)s. Gracias.
madre de I.G.

Estoy muy satisfecha con los servicios de terapia que le dieron a mi nino. En lo largo de esta temporada que tuvo mi hijo su ayuda, se vio el adelanto de su habla y de su expresion para identificar objetos y pedirme algo.
parent of K. N.

We love this place! We have been visiting almost a year. Delia is an amazing and the sweetest therapist she is so patient to my son who started with only 10 words and now he is a little talker and he has developed much better our communication. I am so grateful with this place that has helped him so much specially with her attention and all the work they do together. Highly recommend.

- Maria Jose

Excellent service by Patty, she was always courteous and attentive.

- Adriana Romero

Gabby does an amazing job with my son, his speech as improved tremendously since she started working with him, thank you!

- Skyn Skinn

Delia immediately helped us in concerns we had for my daughters speech. She referred us the New Beginnings and could not be happier with the results . Thank you Delia forever thankful for your professional advice .

- Brittany Michelle De Avila

Excelente lugar .. Sobretodo la terapista Gaby .. Muy buena ,tiene mucha paciencia y enseña muy bien . a mejorado mucho mi hijo gracias a Gaby .. 💗 (Translated by Google) Excellent place .. Especially the therapist Gaby .. Very good, has a lot of patience and teaches very well. My son has improved a lot thanks to Gaby .. 💗

- sergio salcido

Where do I even start? New beginnings is so helpful and amazing! They have so much patience and I’m not just talking about my child! I’ve seen them handling other children and they are amazing! I was so nervous about sending my child to just Any speech therapy, I researched for Days, I checked reviews, finally I found New Beginnings on Rich beam! We got put with Mrs. Gabby, and let me say she is an amazing person! The most sweetest, caring, understanding. I have never had an issue with her! She keeps me updated every time. She keeps in touch with me if needed. My daughter loves her! She always looks forward to seeing her Speech therapist and it makes me know I chose the right place for my child! The offices are cleaned, organized, and you’re able to peep on your child through the window whenever! Currently we are on Zoom but it’s just like the classroom. Still professional But a lot safer for everyone right now! If I could give Mrs.Gabby 1000 star rating I would!!

- Karina Garcia

Christine helped my son tremendously! She was always patient, supportive, professional and helpful. My son no longer needs therapy thanks to Christine’s help! Thank you for all your dedication and hardwork!

- Frank N

New Beginnings goes above and beyond to provide the very best speech therapy services in El Paso. My 2 year old daughter could speak several words prior to attending sessions; however after several months of weekly sessions with Ms Janette she can now identify and pronunciate a multitude of words, colors, and even is starting to put together sentences. My little girl loves here sessions-once we arrive in the parking lot she starts kicking her legs in excitement and knows it’s time for a fun session of playful speech. Plus, I have been impressed how clean they keep their facility, which is especially important during this pandemic. I fully encourage anyone who is researching speech therapy facilities and therapists for their children to come to New Beginnings. They are outstanding.

- Ryan Elliott

Highly recommend New Beginnings, we move to El Paso and my kid couldn’t speak one word he has been going to therapy for a while now with the help of his teacher Ms Jessica he has improved soo much. We are extremely appreciative of New Beginnings and especially Ms Jessica you made this happen !! Thank you.

- Bryan Rivera

When my son was about 3 or 4 years old, I would bring him here for his speech therapy classes. The therapist that was assigned to my son, her name was Christine. I believe my son enjoyed this experience because of her gentleness and how fun and creative she would make each session for him. Fast forward to now, my son is 10 years old and he speaks so well. So much so he wont be quiet now lol. I am for certain that the therapy my son received at New Beginnings is a huge part of my sons amazing progress in his speech. I highly recommend!

- Flower Tart

My daughter started at this location about two months ago. She was having difficulty making words and sentences. Her comprehension was outstanding but she needed help with saying what she needed instead of pointing. Since she started with her therapist, Jannette, she now identifies colors, animals, and all objects around the house. She’s starting to use words like “thank you” and “I want…”. Jannette has been so patient with my schedule and working my daughter in around those times. My daughter loves seeing her and I can tell she is safe with her. My daughter can be very shy but whenever we get to Jannette she runs to her and allows her to walk her inside the building without me. That lets me know that she is really thriving here. I look forward to working more with this facility and seeing how far my daughter goes with her speech therapy.

- david peacoe

My child struggled to speak on her own, which is very concerning for a parent. Before she started speech therapy she was only saying about 5 words. It didn’t take long for my daughter to start talking thanks to her wonderful therapist Christine. Christine was always extremely nice and helpful. She was always ready to accommodate to our schedule. Christine is amazing at her job and a very kind person with a lot of patience. My daughter loved going to her speech therapy. I can’t thank her enough for all her help!!

- Jessica Diaz

Estoy muy contenta con el servicio, calidad , ética , profesionalismo y puntualidad de la Srita.Cristine Adame siempre mostró tanto interés en que la niña aprendiera día a día . La niña tuvo un avance con mucho éxito , se logró los objetivos establecidos. GRACIAS Srita.CRISTINE ADAME. GRACIAS BEGINNING por hacer de la niña un gran éxito para su vida. (Translated by Google) I am very happy with the service, quality, ethics, professionalism and punctuality of Ms. Cristina Adame always showed so much interest in the girl learning day by day. The girl had a very successful breakthrough, the set goals were achieved. THANK YOU MISS CRISTINE ADAME. THANK YOU BEGINNING for making the girl a great success for her life.

- Camelitaaa Zatarainnn

My son’s speech therapist for us is the best. Delia is great at what she does and it shows right away. Since we met her I wanted her to be the one to help my child. We berly started and you can see the progress my son has already made.

- Aislinn Garcia

We have been taking our son for almost 3 years now and we are very pleased with the service. My son would not speak at all when we first brought him in, he would only point and humm out at things when he wanted something. Ever since his therapist Delia started working with him, he started to verbalise more things. Before he wouldn’t even call out to me by mom mommy or mama, so to hear him call me by that was very great. Then he started to say please and thank you when he started asking for stuff. The next year he was able to put 2-3 words together and now he can say all his colors, shapes, and can count 1-10 in English and Spanish! I am very proud of how much improvement he has made. Its all thanks to his amazing therapist. Its just a really good place to bring your kids, everyone is very welcoming, loving and caring. Thank you Wendy for all you do as well!

- Claudia Pedroza

My son has been here for about 6 months and he loves it, Ma. Isabel is his therapist and together we have accomplished great progress

- jessica trejo

My granddaughter goes here for speech and occupational therapy. The staff are wonderful. She is excited to go most days.

- Tamara Gibson

Highly recommend. All the staff is friendly and thorough with their services. Isabel in particular is my daughters speech pathologist and is very patient and kind. She shows that she cares for my daughter to improve in her speech and she always finds a way to work with each of her patients needs. 💙

- Cynthia Torres

My son has Down syndrome and he’s been receiving ST at NB for about the last 2 years. We love their environment and the friendly staff, specially our therapist Christine. She has always gone above and beyond with our son’s needs. When the pandemic started, she made possible that the transition from in person ST to teletherapy was easy on my son and the family. We’re very thankful for her help, commitment and patience with our son.

- Edgar Mendez

I highly recommend New Beginnings! This place was a real beginning for my daughter!! Her therapist Christine Adame is amazing!!! She is the best speech therapist my daughter has ever had!! Her dedication and hard work is appreciated and seen in my daughter’s growth. Christine goes above and beyond to meet my daughter’s needs and has excellent communication with me. We love her and wouldn’t change her for the world!! She’s become an essential part my daughter’s life and I will forever be thankful for everything she has done for us!!! New Beginnings is like family. The whole staff is friendly, caring and make you feel right at home!!

- Bernice Avila

New Beginnings on Rich Beam is a a great place. The staff is amazing especially Ms. Patsy at the front desk, so helpful and goes above and beyond to be helpful. They treat my son like he’s their own. I would recommend them to anyone. Ms. Jessica is a wonderful and I have seen so much improvement with my son over the past year they’ve been working together. We love it there!

- Lauren Nichols

Excelente lugar. Patty es muy amable, desde la primera vez que llamé a pedir información me ayudó mucho a entender todo el proceso. Puedo decir que gracias a ella es que decidí empezar a llevar a mi hijo a tomar terapia de lenguaje en New Beginnings.

- Alberto Lopez

My sons speech therapist was Christine and I have to say I could not have had a better speech therapist. They helped my son gain confidence and learn to speak , New beginning is the best place i can recommend they go far and beyond to help me as a parent and my son achieve his goals.

- Velia Espinoza

Mrs. Christine is amazing, and all of my children as well as myself love her!!! She really takes her time to learn the best ways to work with each child individually understanding that all of them are different and learn in different ways. I’ve been bringing my children to this clinic for a little over three years and refuse to take them anywhere else!!! The staff are just all around great and I will always recommend them for others!!!

- Ramona Jordan

Excelente atención y ayuda en especial por Christine!!!! 😊

- Janeth Olivan

Excellent staff, my daughter made wonderful progress since she started here!! Recommendable 100 % especially therapist Delia, she is excellent ♥️

- Cecilia Melendez-Acosta

Excelente staff, mi hija tuvo un progreso maravilloso desde que comenzó aquí!! Recomendable 100% sobre todo la terapeuta Delia, ella es excelente

- Cecilia Melendez -Acosta

Delia is a very good therapist I recommended

- Cris Y Kike

We love this place! We have been visiting almost a year. Delia is an amazing and the sweetest therapist she is so patient to my son who started with only 10 words and now he is a little talker and he has developed much better our communication. I am so grateful with this place that has helped him so much specially with her attention and all the work they do together. Highly recommend.

- Maria Jose

Three of my children have received therapy at New Beginnings. They were great about accommodating them at the same time so we wouldn’t have to make separate trips in. The office is clean and Patsy and staff are very welcoming and caring. Definitely recommend them.

- Erika Young

We had an awesome experience. I would love to thank Christine. Christine is so patient and loving. We are greatly appreciate of her service. We highly recommended.

- Haydee Silva

Highly recommend Ms. Jessica, she is simply amazing and fun. She really gets to know your child and understands their interests to make learning fun!

- Charlotte Valentin

Speech Therapy Services are amazing here. My Husband and I are grateful with therapist Joanna. She’s been great and helpful to us and our son Nathaniel. He is 3 years old. Before he started speech therapy, he knew less than 10 words and no complete sentences, we had a hard time understanding at times. Now he is speaking with sentences. He communicates with everyone way better. Thanks to New Beginnings and Ms. Joanna his speech therapist .

- Perla Maldonado

Definitely a great place if your child is struggling or has delayed speech like my son. We love his therapist Mrs. Gaby she is super patient and kind and my son has improved so much with her. Thank you Mrs Gaby for everything you do.

- Susy Landa

My son’s speech improved immensely after working with Gabby. She is very patient and caring with him, through his good and bad days. He is now speaking more and more everyday. My family loves it and loves Gabby. I highly recommend!

- Irene Car

Mrs Gabby is our therapist, she is awesome! She has helped my daughter improve tremendously. She has patience and is great at what she does. The facility is always clean and their staff is nice.

- Edith M

These guys are wonderful. My son went here for some time and it was once a week that he went, meeting with Janette. Over the course of the evaluation and dealing with some behavior issues, he went from non-verbal to speak full sentences like a champ!!! I cannot recommend enough these guys enough. They are so accommodating for families and the kids they help. 10/10 would HIGHLY recommend.

- Danielle Douglass

I am really happy I found this place. The way they help my child was beyond! The place is very clean and people are very sweet and helpful. My child’s therapist was Jessica Ortiz and she went beyond my expectations. She explained everything in a way I could understand and she helped my child and cared like family. If I could go back I would choose this place and Jessica again.

- Kiara Franqui

Our son has been going here for over a year now and loves every minute of it!! Janette has helped him so much with his speech, he’s improved so much we are so appreciative and proud of his progress!!!

- Julie Padilla

Have been going for years it is very pleasant. Ms. Victoria and Ms. Carla have worked wonders with my children. They are patient and kind very understanding. You can see the growth within a few weeks. The techniques they use to calm and express words sufficiently help. Being able to work at home and in clinic with the same techniques help improve my children’s language. The techniques also help calm and relax my children to breathe and talk with smooth speech! Every appointment has been friendly and efficient my children have came along way with their help!

- M.Kay

Our feeding therapy has been great! My son did so good and we’ve done feeding therapy (and had relapses with other places) I feel like with New Beginning feeding therapy its a big turn around hes even gained a little weight. Isabel is great and awesome with my son.

- Evelyn Ramirez

I cannot recommend New Beginnings enough. My son has attended speech therapy for over a year, and we definitely have seen so much improvement. We have had such a positive experience with the entire staff, but most importantly Ms. Janette. She is very attentive, full of energy, positive, and supportive. We could not have asked for a better therapist. THANK YOU!


My oldest (7 year old)has been coming to this location with Ms. Gabby for almost 3 years. He has improve so much, he really enjoys his time with her. She makes every lesson fun and entertaining for him. My 3 year old started seeing her not so long ago and he loves her class. She motivates the kids to try and work hard. Even when my 3 year old is not in the mood, she knows how to talk to him and changes his attitude and starts learning with her. Unfortunately with the cover we can’t go into the office, but i have met mostly all the teachers and they are all really nice. Thank you so much for all your hard work Ms. Gabby!!

- Kristina Gonzalez

Patsy in front Office is amazing and Mrs. Gabby are by far my favorite they have always been super helpfull to my family and have always made my daughter feel like she is welcome .I highly recommend new beginnings to anyone who is looking for an amazing speach therapy office and there amazing staff.

- Jennifer Phan

This place is great. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Jannette Gomez is great at what’s she does. She helped and answered any of my questions I asked. She helped my son a lot and improved his speech. He talks a lot and impressing me everyday. I highly recommend New Beginnings.

- Samantha L. Delgado

Great place, friendly staff, always answers all our questions. Janette one of the best teachers. She always put a smile on my son face. Always happy to see her. Very good at what she does. Christopher Delgado.

- Samantha Gonzalez

My son has been receiving feeding therapy for a couple of months now and l couldn’t be more thankful for the services they’ve provided! Joanna has been amazing at providing me with the information needed to help my son succeed, she is patient, and knows how to connect to my childs level. It was a very frustrating situation, but now, we can see improvement coming along! Thank you Joanna!

- Liliana Dominguez

Es muy buena clínica, mi hijo estuvo ahí con la terapista Janeth , y logro completar sus metas, estoy súper agradecida con ella, ahora mi hijo ya está en la escuela y se desenvuelve muy bien, su habla mejora bastante, SÚPER RECOMEMDADA (Translated by Google) It is a very good clinic, my son was there with the therapist Janeth, and he managed to complete his goals, I am super grateful to her, now my son is already in school and is doing very well, his speech improves a lot, SUPER RECOMMENDED

- Cristina Gonzalez

Christine our Speech Therapist was excellent with our children. She treated with respect as if they were her own. The facility is fitting for children. The rooms are very clean, all of the staff is receptive there. I would take my kids there again and with the same therapist.

- Sal Pasillas

My son has been going to New Beginnings for over a year now. We have Ms. Jessica as our therapist and she is wonderful! She has make this process so easy for us. There has been so much improvement in my sons speech and we owe it all to Ms. Jessica. Definitely recommend!!!

- Samantha Apodaca

New Beginnings is such a great place. Janette was amazing. She made my son feel so comfortable while in sessions. We were sad to leave (we PCSed).

- Sabrina Altizer

New Beginnings is a great place! We are receiving both feeding and speech therapy. Ms. Joanna is the best and my son loves her very much. She knows him very well and has the patience of an angel when it comes to his awesome attitude. She has helped him so much with his eating issues and he now feels much more comfortable being around different foods thanks to her. Feeding therapy is very challenging and difficult for both child and parent but with the guidance and dedication from Ms. Joanna it has been easier for us. We are also working with Ms. Jessica (Speech) and my son loves her as well! I knew she was the perfect fit for him since our first session. She’s very patient, passionate and caring. He has improved so much and can communicate in full sentences now and asks questions all day long. Ms. Jessica always keeps me up to date and always gives us the proper material to continue working at home.

- Noevia Nevarez

Over the last few years my child has attended a couple of different places where they have worked with him on his speech. This location has provided the best results with him on a day to day. The results have been amazing. Ms. Janette G has been a huge help with the techniques and guidance she has shown/given to my son. I would refer any and everyone to this location if they want great results. The facility shares a friendly environment for kids attending speech therapy as well as for parents/families that are in the waiting area.

- Justin Johnson

Les recomiendo mucho este lugar todos los que trabajan ahí son muy amables, mi niña avanzó mucho en su habla gracias a las terapias que recibe,y su terapeuta Anis es exelente sin duda lo recomiendo.

Excellent service noticed many improvements in my son through the time he’s been there Delia is a very professional and attentive

Muy agradecida y satisfecha. Al llegar a El Paso, mi hija dejo de hablar, estaba confundida con inglés y español. Gracias a la gran dedicación y entrega de su terapista Delia mi princesa puede decir oraciones completas y con la correcta pronunciación además de todas las enseñanzas que le brindan. Gracias por el excelente servicio, todo el personal es muy educado, desde la recepción y otras terapistas. Mi hija adora venir a sus terapias pq se divierte a la vez que aprende. Así que no dudes que sus hijos están en el lugar correcto, notarás la diferencia inmediatamente.

Voy para bastante tiempo con ellos eh visto mucha mejora en mi hija gracias ala ayuda y paciencia que tiene delia estoy muy contenta con su trabajo q a echo 😊

Since my son has been coming here for a little over 2 years, he has improved and learned so much. He loves it and looks forward to learning here at New Beginnings. All the staff are very friendly and helpful. I’m so glad that I found the help that my son needed. I recommend New Beginnings to every parent that is looking for the proper help for their child or children.

Parent of E.M.

I Bring my son to the Rich beam location for hes therapy and It’s a great place the therapists and staff are very knowledgeable and great! He’s been seen since 2014 It started off by home visits then transition to taking him to the clinic hes had 3 Different therapists all have been wonderful each one had their own techniques to help my son grow and blossom. They all hold a special place in my heart.They are there for you and have helped me with my son through hes development. He’s current therapist Veronica is so awesome me and my son love her! She’s very friendly and has great charisma and is upbeat! Her voice is like she could be a voice over for disney characters which makes her unique and makes the therapy fun to learn most importantly he likes to go! We have seen so much improvement! She works with our schedule to make it work for him to be seen every week Thank you so much Veronica your the best!! I highly recommend her!!

Muy agradecida con todo el personal y por todos los logros que mi hijo a tenido gracias a ellos en mi experiencia personal el mejor en pedriatric speech

My son had trouble with “r” and we had him in speech for a few months without change in the schools. When we first met with his therapist, I was nervous to have him in another speech program. She immediately put my fears to rest. She jumped right in to help him form his “r” sound. I could tell he was going to get the instruction he needed. After a short time he was saying his “r” correctly in conversation. And amazingly his reading improved and his confidence was showing in everything. She not only showed him how to pronounce his “r” but she also showed him so much love. We were so blessed to have his therapist.
Parent of M.P.

My daughter made good progress since the therapy started a few months ago. Initially she was extremely shy and barely spoke any words with strangers. Now she’s slowly opening up and starts using full sentences. She enjoys the therapy time and her therapist. I do recommend “New Beginnings”—they are professional and effective.

Parent of S.Z.

I’ve been coming to New Beginnings for 5 years. My son has improved so much he is now an A Honor Roll student in 1st grade. His therapist has managed to help him so much during these years. It’s been an amazing experience.
Parent of A.J.A.

Hands down way better than the other speech therapy place. Have seen much improvement in our son! Everything has been amazing! Keep up the great work!
Parent of I. Morin

Doy las gracias a New Beginnings por la ayuda y el empeño que brindan en cada visita. Mi hija a mejorado mucho en el habla y New Beginnings a sido de gran ayuda para mi familia.
Madre de J.O.

I want to thank my son’s therapist from the bottom of our hearts. We saw him change within the first week he was in therapy. Their compassion and patience has helped him be where he needs to be.
Parent of A.D.L.R.

Mi hijo tiene 11 meses en New Beginnings y yo he notado mucha diferencia en su lenguaje. Esta muy mejorado y muy contento con la atención que recive aqui. Gracias a la intervención de New Beginnings, el tuvo una transición muy buena cuando entro al pre-kinder. La terapista le da una fantastica atención y ella trabaja muy bien con él. Muchas gracias New Beginnings!
Madre de S. L.

Many thanks to the staff at New Beginnings. My son has overcome many of the delays in his speech and is improving more and more! Their patience and determination has improved his life for the better!
Parent of A. M.

I am very pleased with the progress my daughter has made. She looks forward to her sessions with Christy.
Parent of M.L.

Estoy contenta con los servicios que le dan a mis ninos. Han superado muchas cosas y han aprendido bastantes cosas. El personal es muy amable y siempre tienen respuesta a todas mis dudas. Solamente tengo que decir cosas buenas y darles las gracias por ayudarme. Gracias!
Madre de N. G. & J. G.

Nosotros estamos muy contentos con New Beginnings porque a mi niño las terapias le ayudaron mucho con su lenguaje y su desarollo. El servicio es muy completo. Se los recomiendo mucho y los horarios son muy accesibles. Gracias por todas su atenciones.
madre de C.B.

First of all, New Beginnings changed my child’s life. At school my child was having some problems. Now thanks to her speech teacher, my child has learned how to communicate with her teachers, and her friends. My daughter has improved her ability to communicate with family members and friends. I would recommend to mothers who are having a difficult time with their child, to call New Beginnings.
parent of J.R.

I am very happy with the work they have done with my son. He has learned a lot and advanced on his communication and eye contact. I have seen more improvement with him.
parent of A.R.

Yo como madre, estoy muy satisfecha con la terapia. Mi niña ya habla mucho mas y se puede expresar con oraciones. Incluso, las personas le entienden y me felicitan por como habla para su edad. Su terapista tiene mucha paciencia y su trabajo es muy maravilloso y dificil, pero mi niña se alla muy bien con ella y sigue sus instrucciones.
Madre de J. R.

Quiero agradecer la oportunidad por tener el tiempo para ayudar a nuestro hijo. El servicio es excelente y profesional. Los felicito por tener personas especiales y capacitadas para nuestras necesidades. Muchas Gracias por su ayuda y esperamos que les vaya muy bien.
parent of A. B.

New Beginnings has wonderful speech therapy services to offer any other clients who may be interested in speech therapy services for their children. In my experience with this service, I have seen much improvement in my son’s speech within a years time span. I am happy to announce that their services are great and that I have much appreciation for our therapist.
parent of J. A.

Tengo mas de un año con los servicios de New Beginnings y mi hijo ha advansado mucho. Es capaz de decir oraciones completas en ambos idiomas. Su terapista me ha ayudado a comprender mas su descapacidad. Las tareas diarias me proporcionan ideas utiles que dan resultado. Gracias por sus servicios.
madre de J. G.

I really enjoy the services provided by New Beginnings Pediatric Speech Therapy Services. My son looks forward to each visit. His therapist is very polite, kind, and informative. She spends much time answering our questions. In a way, she has become a member of our family by helping our son find his voice. Thank you New Beginnings for your services and for our speech therapist.
parent of A.W.

Estoy muy agradecido con New Beginnings por la gran ayuda que a mi nieta le han dado en cuestión de terapia del habla. Las terapias le han servido a mi nieta de manera grandiosa a mejorar su forma de hablar, asi que gracias nuevamente a New Beginnings y en especial a su terapista.
Abuelo de K.C.

Estoy muy contenta con el avance de mi hija en su terapia ya que habla mucho mejor y mas claro. El servicio que dan aqui en, New Beginnings, es excelente. Su terapista hace excelente trabajo con mi hija y es muy buena persona. Estoy agradesida por todas sus atenciones.
Madre de C.F.

Estamos muy satisfechos con la ayuda y atención que le brindaron a mi hijo.
Madre de J.E.

Muchisimos gracias a New Beginnings especialmente a Monica y Bertha excelentes personas y terapistas. Recomiendo al 100% este lugar.
Madre de A.R.

Nuestro hijo ha tenido una mejoría desde que comenzó terapia en New Beginnings. Antes de que recibiera la terapia, al niño no se le entendía nada. No sabía cómo expresarse para pedirnos las cosas. Ahora poco a poco ha evolucionado su habla. Aun sigue con sus terapias para una recuperación óptima.
Madre de J.R.

Excellent services! The therapist is a very nice person and teaches my child in very fun and kid friendly ways to easily learn.
Parent of F.E.

Communication with Lauren, my daughter’s therapist, was great. She always had an update for me. Today is my daughter’s last day and it is bitter sweet. Lauren helped out a lot with her speech that it took them 7 months for us to see great improvement. I want to thank them for everything.

Parent of Z.M.

Best experience possible very satisfied with my children’s speech Therapist Joanna Velasco.Super professional super nice I totally recommend her the sweetest young girl ever

- Priscilla Velazquez

Gabby has been a pleasure to work with. She’s very attentive and caring towards my child. She has great work ethics. Gabby is honest about my child’s progress and topics that my child still needs to work on. Gabby is very organized and makes note of what interests my child so that she can better assist my child’s development. My child also gets homework to take home so that we can work on the skills that were used in session. Gabby is very responsible and notifies me ahead of time to ask if a make up session can be made as soon as she has an opening a few hours before the available session. Gabby also lets me know prior to any sessions that may have to be canceled ahead of time as well so that we don’t make our way there just to head back home. She’s very patient with my child and just has a great personality overall. I also like that she is attentive and honest with any questions or concerns that I might have with my child’s development/progress. It hasn’t been very long since my child started, but my child already knows who Mrs. Gabby is and is comfortable with Mrs. Gabby. My child definitely doesn’t like strangers, but was able to warm up to Gabby in the first few sessions. Gabby does great with building rapport with my child as well as myself. Thank you Gabby for your hard work you are making a difference in many children’s lives. Thank you to New Beginnings for hiring a skilled, honest, humble, friendly, hard working, kind, polite, and easy going therapist. The receptionist and evaluator are also very kind. If you are looking for a great pediatric speech therapist for your child this is the place to go, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. They take Tricare!!

- Malina Hong-Tran

I would highly recommend New Beginnings! My son has been receiving speech therapy at the rich beem office for over 3 years! His speech has vastly improved and he’s almost reached all of his speech goals! We are thrilled! Scheduling has been a breeze and his SLP has been a great fit! This office works well with Tricare and we’ve always managed to avoid any insurance related gaps in therapy. Mrs Patsy keeps the front office running smoothly and she made us feel welcome from our very first visit! She’s always hard at work behind the scenes and ready to help in whatever way she can! She’s a gift to the east side office!!!

- G and J

I love this place. Very friendly staff. I’ve been coming here for 2 years. My son who is autistic has grown so much since coming here. His therapist is very patient with him especially when he is being difficult. I highly recommend this place.

I really recommend this place. The staff is so amazing and they treat the kids nicely. My son’s speech therapists are so patient with him and are flexible with my schedule. I tried to call other places but they never answered me. Another good thing about this place, is parents have wifi available so that they can take care of online tasks while waiting. my son has improve and he liked it alot…

My son X has improved alot thought the time he has been there with his teacher Delia thank you so much for all your patients & hard work he has come a long way 🙆

My son has been going for a little over a month, and his improvement is so noticeable and has been advancing a lot. His speech therapist Delia is so amazing, treats him with lots of kindness and most of all patience.

My son has been in therapy for over a year. His therapist has done an amazing job with my son. His speech has improved so much over this time. His therapist is very patient, kind, and fun. My son looks forward to seeing her every week. Our experience with New Beginnings has been an easy and great one. I would recommend them to anyone. Hopefully your child will be fortunate to have the aid of Ms. Norma. Thank you for all you have done!
Parent of Z.M.

New Beginnings has been a blessing to our son and family. The care and commitment you all give in each therapy session has brought him from no language at all to being able to express himself. He is also understood by our family and others too. Although we still have a long way to go, this was long overdue. Thank you to his therapist and New Beginnings for all that you’ve done.
parent of J.J.G.

When my son started New Beginnings, I was very doubtful of the staff and their methods. But seeing the difference first hand, I have to say I was very wrong. Everything from the facility to staff have so much love for the kids. It’s amazing to know someone cares and is willing to work and not give up on our children. I also want to thank his therapist, without her patience and skills, my son wouldn’t be where he is today. Thank you!! To all the staff, keep the love for what you do. It’s AMAZING!
parent of Z.M.

Cuando inicio mi hijo su terapia, el no veía a los ojos, se frustraba mucho, lloraba. No se estaba ni 5 minutos en una actividad. Ya mi hijo tiene 10 meses en New Beginnings y le agradesco a Claudia, su terapista, que ha logrado que mi hijo avance bastante. El ya hace sus actividades, ya la mira a los ojos, y repite palabras que ella le enseña. Estoy agradecida.
Madre de J. P.

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