New Beginnings has selected Saul Tercero and Annette Barron as our Therapists of the Year for 2022!

Saul Tercero


About Saul Tercero

Saul chose his field after personally receiving occupational and physical therapy services following a leg injury. He grew interested in the profession and that personal experience fueled his passion to become a therapist. Saul was inspired to work with pediatrics after two pediatric rotations. He fell in love with pediatrics and has remained working with children ever since.

At New Beginnings, Saul has been a huge advocate for teamwork. He strives to build connections amongst his peers and co-workers knowing that the better our team communication is, the better the patient outcomes will be. He believes that teamwork also fosters personal and professional growth. Saul states, “we can learn from one another if we allow ourselves to truly be watchful and purposeful listeners and observers.”

Saul feels his greatest work success has been having numerous assistants, parents and co-workers be inspired to become therapists themselves after watching him practice. He believes the greatest success comes from helping others grow passionate to find their calling, especially when inspired to help others in need.

In his leisure time, Saul enjoys working with animals, most especially with horses and dogs. He feels that animals can be very therapeutic and instrumental to happiness.

Saul was raised by a farming family led by his grandmother and grandfather who always instilled work ethic, loyalty and morals that encompass his current beliefs and thought system. He believes in treating everyone with respect and courtesy regardless of title, position, race or gender.

His favorite mantra is “Ability is what you’re capable of doing, motivation determines what you do, but ATTITUDE determines how well you will do it.”

Team New Beginnings is proud to showcase Saul Tercero Jr. as our Zaragoza location staff member of the year as he embodies the spirit, work ethic, and compassion that makes New Beginnings an organization of excellence.

Annette Barron

About Annette Barron

Annette’s family has all worked in the medical field, and she knew she wanted to do the same. It was not until she volunteered with a speech-language pathologist many years ago that she realized that speech pathology was the field for her. She watched in awe as the Speech-Language Pathologist rehabilitated patients and helped to give them back their voice and sense of identity.

For years Annette worked as an Assistant Speech-Language Pathologist at different clinics. She was admitted to the University of Texas at El Paso Speech Pathology program 2 weeks before the start of the Fall semester in 2020. Annette feels the years in graduate school; were difficult, and many sacrifices were made. She eventually graduated from the program in May 2022 all while having to balance graduate school classes, externships, her SLPA job at New Beginnings, as well as family obligations.

At work, Annette finds great joy in being greeted with a smile from the office staff, seeing the big patient smiles or getting a “big” little hug from one of the many adorable kiddos, to watching patients learn, grow, and graduate from speech.

Currently, Annette’s free time is spent between family time and volunteering with her church. She was recently appointed as one of the new leaders for a women’s bible study which she sees as a welcomed new challenge.

Annette lives by the words, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” (Proverbs 3:5-6 NLT)

Her mom has always been her role model, and Annette admires her for working so hard to provide as a single mother of three. Her mother worked tireless hours as a nurse, but never complained because she was serving her community and God. Annette was taught from a young age, “I am blessed so that I may be a blessing to others.”

Team New Beginnings is very happy to have Annette as the employee of the year for our Rich Beem location as Annette embodies the spirit, work ethic, and compassion that results in excellence.