Why is New Beginnings right for your child’s speech therapy?

It’s simple…we CARE!

Your child will never be just a “number” to us. On the contrary, your child is very special and we are honored to be given the opportunity to help your child with their speech impairment.

We believe that no other provider will give your child the attention, the individualized therapy, or the results that we produce again and again in our speech therapy practice.

If you are serious about improving your child’s speech and want your child to be placed in a loving, caring environment of dedicated therapists, then New Beginnings is the right place. Contact us now to get started!

Every Child is Different!

At New Beginnings, we use comprehensive tests to accurately diagnose your child’s speech impairment and carefully create an individualized treatment plan with goals specifically designed for your child.

We never provide speech therapy in a group setting as we believe your child deserves our full attention. From our initial evaluation to your last visit, we dedicate ourselves to kindly and gently walking you and your child along the path to overcoming their speech impairment.

Your child may have a few challenges that we must help them overcome, but imagine the possibilities of a life free of their speech impairment…We offer your child a chance for a new beginning!  Get started now

Family intervention, the best approach…

We believe that the best hope for your child to overcome their speech difficulties begins by involving the family in all aspects of our intervention. We invite parents into therapy sessions so you can watch how your child’s therapist works toward achieving therapy goals. After each session, we give you the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress or ask questions about how to continue working on your child’s goals at home.

We also offer you many written resources that pertain to your child’s specific needs that help you understand the condition and offer you insights into how you can help us help your child.

Working together we set goals and objectives for your child to get them started on the path to improved speech.

Is it difficult for you to get your child to speech therapy?

We understand that speech therapy can be a long-term commitment for you, and that it may be difficult to work around your employment schedule. We also know that consistent therapy is critical to your child’s success.

To make attending therapy as convenient as possible, we offer extended therapy hours Monday through Saturday (depending on your child’s Therapist’s current availability), and we offer therapy at two east El Paso locations.

We will work with you to find the right time and place to provide your child with the therapy they need.

Our Pediatric Speech Therapists are among El Paso’s finest!

Our Therapists undergo a very strict selection and evaluation process and are required to continue their education each year. Our Therapists have over 133 years of combined experience in pediatric speech therapy in a variety of therapeutic settings.

Our therapists have helped hundreds of children like yours improve or overcome their speech impediment. We believe in a hands-on, individualized, and step-by-step approach to helping your child succeed.

We are ready to work with you and your child!