Victoria Danielle Aguilar


New Beginnings has selected Victoria Aguilar as our Therapist of the Year for 2019! Victoria has been with New Beginnings for the past 2 years. In that time, she has made a big impact in the lives of many El Paso children and has embodied the high ideals New Beginnings has in fulfilling its mission.

Victoria has eagerly taken on new patients and has worked tirelessly to help each and everyone achieve their individual goals. Victoria is a team player and has become a very vital member of our New Beginnings Team!

About Victoria

Victoria enjoys baking and shopping in her spare time. She chose Speech-Language Pathology because it offers a wide variety of ways to help people and impact their lives in a positive way. “I have endless opportunities to change people’s lives for the better”, says Victoria, “in the hope of helping each person to find their voice.”

Victoria’s commitment to helping patients and her success has been inspired by her family, “Their support, encouragement, and prayers continue to help me push forward. My willingness to work hard, to help others, to be kind, and to be giving is all because of them.”

Victoria sees many little successes every day with her patients that lead to greater successes. “I knew I was doing good work when a parent told me that her 7-year-old daughter when asked what she wanted to be when she grows up stated, I want to be just like Ms. Victoria.”

Great Job Victoria

On behalf of New Beginnings, congratulations to Victoria Aguilar for her tireless work ethic, her team spirit, her commitment to helping children, and her endless desire to help people. She embodies the true spirit and mission of New Beginnings Pediatric Speech Therapy Services!

Well earned, Victoria!